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... the "all american arch reconstruction" ... ... (98 replies)
... had subtalar fushion and fdl transfer on the left foot in Jan 2010, and the same thing on the right foot in I am now 8 weeks post op from the second surgery. ... (98 replies)
... its 8 wks of no weight on the foot plus 6 mo to a yr for complete recovery. ... (98 replies)

... larsenusa you give me hope - esp about the rollabout & decreasing pain. well i'm on the countdown to wed (surgery date) they call me tomorrow to tell me when to report to the hospital...i'm ready - the pain is getting worse with each day/hour & am willing to trade for different kind of pain. i've lived with it so long but don't think i will miss will be soooo glad... (98 replies)
... ve also dislocated countless times, and have now had surgery on both of my knees. When I was 16 my podiatrist recomended me to a surgeon that specialized in flat foot reconstruction. I of course as a teenager said no way, but my mom thought it was what I needed. I can understand where your daughter is coming from. ... (7 replies)
... c the pain meds can really do a number on you...that's the last thing you want to deal with when dealing with foot pain. ... (98 replies)
... actually hurt quite a bit. dr says this is part of the flat foot arch reconstruction issue. ... (21 replies)
... s to walk i the shoe, maybe you need a more supportive shoe for now. I went to a small shoe store that specializes in shoes for people with arthritis, diabetes, foot trauma, bunions etc etc. The owner has been in the shoe business for 30 years and his son s a CPED. ... (98 replies)
... thanks for the info - it was a great help. i have to call the "durable medical supply" store later regarding a wheel chair & will also ask them about the potty seat with push up handles. my dr says at least 1 night in hospital but with all the cutting he is going to do that seems a little severe. will have tendon above arch repaired, spring ligament in inside ankle... (98 replies)
... My surgery was 1.5 yrs. ago in central Illinois, USA. Flat foot, no spring ligament, deltoid reconstruction using my PTT. ... (98 replies)
... it sounds like things are going well for you. I also am amazed at how well I am doing at work. My schedule is absolutely crazy and I really have very minimal foot discomfort. I am wearing the aso in my shoe at work but when not at work, I don't use the ASO. ... (98 replies)
... surgery. The surgery went well and I can feel that an arch was built, but unfortunately the long screw in my heel is giving me pain. I am trying to tolerate it, but it is not easy. ... (98 replies)
... all, my foot is holding up much better then I expected. Be careful with driving. My bad foot was the left but my doctor did tell me that if sometime happens while in a cast on my left foot while driving, you will be in trouble and will get a ticket. ... (98 replies)
... ankle was not very swollen to begin with. I really thought it would be a gigantic "cankle". The doc had my foot more flexed in the cast than in the splint. Since then, my heel has been hurting much more...I have to take vicodin again just to keep it comfortable. ... (98 replies)
... walk again. Luckily, it was my left foot that was operated on, but chasing after kiddoes and running around an office can be hard on a foot. ... (98 replies)
... I only took the rx before bed so that I could sleep at night. By the second week, I was not taking any rx meds at all. Believe me, I had NO desire to put the foot on the ground out of habbit. I was very protective of the foot. For about a week, I slept downstairs on a pull out couch. ... (98 replies)
... It's not easy to recover from the surgery in the time you were expecting. It usually takes more than you ever expect. Also try to consult with the experienced surgeon to know in detail about this reconstruction. ________________________________________ (98 replies)
... hello ww i had the surgery as planned - one night in hospital. dr did not have to graft bone from hip to heel - thank God!! it does hurt - he did the arch reconstruct & repaired spring ligament. i'm in a splint but see dr tomorrow for dressing change & get the "boot" - will be able to take some sort of shower. they have not allowed so far - just the bedside sponge bath. ... (98 replies)
... went to three podiatrists and an ortho in the end. It is encouraging to hear how everyone is doing after their surgeries and at different stages. I had flatfoot reconstruction surgery on December 1st. It was pretty rough... ... (98 replies)
... when I first got back on my feet after the accident 18 years ago I had to get very thick healed athletic shoes with a good arch and orthotics also. ... (98 replies)

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