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... For a couple of months now I get a pain in the top of my left foot as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. Doesn't really hurt when there is no weight on it. There is no visable swelling. ... (7 replies)
... Same problem here in the left foot. I get a burning pain also. I was diagnosed with plantar facitis and heel spurs but they said it should not casue the top of the foot to hurt. I did tear the ligiments in that foot some years ago and the doc saw a bone spur on the side of my foot and some arthritis where the foot hurts. ... (7 replies)
... There's a swollen area on the top of my foot by my ankle. It stays swollen all the time lately. After rest or in the morning is the worst. I can barely walk for the pain on top of my foot and swelling. My ankle is also stiff. And I'm experiencing some pain in my big toe joint. ... (7 replies)

... It hurts the most with the first few steps because the Plantar fascia is tight and hasnt stretched out yet, and throughout the day it loosens up. The best thing you can do is when you wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed and taking a step, give yourself a little foot rub. ... (17 replies)
... The achy feet in the morning doesnt necessarily mean PF, but its the most common symptom of it. The pain decrease after the first few steps as it stretches out, but may return after prolonged time on your feet. ... (17 replies)
... Not just yet. I have a feeling I would walk out with a bill, a pain perscription, and maaaybe some idea of the cause. ... (7 replies)
... The tops of both of me feet hurt quite often and the pain description you gave sounds very similar to mine. I am not going to be a lot of help because I have not been to a foot doctor about mine either. ... (7 replies)
... A guy at work has arthritis, his joints used to kill him all the time until he started drinking "Yogi Tea Joint Comfort" like 4 times a day or something. He is quite happy. ... (7 replies)
... I am 47, but arthritis knows no age boundries. I know its rarer the younger you are, but it is definately possible and more common than we realize. ... (7 replies)
My foot hurts
Jan 29, 2009
... It takes only a few minutes to get it to loosen up to where it moves completely normal again. In the morning when I get up it hurts but not as bad as right after I stop playing tennis and sit a bit. ... (1 replies)
... I think you're right, that the weight definitely plays a role. What part of your foot hurts, is it your entire foot? ... (2 replies)
... Does it hurt where the arch meets the heel underneath? ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm in my mid teens, and i recently had foot surgery in December on my left foot because I had a bone spur on the top of it. It hurts a lot in the mornings, i guess because it has been resting for the night and it needs to get used to the movement again. ... (7 replies)
Foot hurts
Jun 6, 2010
... sorry for the generic title but i figured id give a better description in the message. ... (1 replies)
... yes, I would like to know if arthritis can cause swelling? (7 replies)
... Anyone know if arthritis can cause swelling without really pain? (7 replies)
... amputate this foot.... This is long, so feel free to skip to the next message... I just need to vent. ... (14 replies)
... answers. I had flat feet and no doctor ever recommended to me arch inserts to my shoes, which I have now. My orthopedist recommended them and claims that it was the flat fee that caused all of this. ... (3 replies)
... So about three weeks ago i mowed the lawn and my yard is up hill. the day before it rained. So at times i had to push really hard with my feet. So the next day my foot was acting weird. it was hurting where you bend you foot at the top. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I found this forum off Google and I thought I'd give it a shot and hopefully someone can lead me into the right direction. ... (1 replies)

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