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... I've posted on Healthboards before but this is my first post on the Foot thread. To start I'm a healthy, 35 year old woman. About 6 months ago I noticed I was having pain in my left foot when I walked. ... (2 replies)
... And for you did it peel ALL over? ... (4 replies)
... There isn't a lot you can do. My toes were in my cast and I could peel a little skin off but it's not a great idea because you don't want loose dead skin floating around in the cast. ... (9 replies)

... the skin problem on my feet? ... (1 replies)
... Doctor said he'll make a cut and peel back the skin and shave the bunion then align my big toe foot bone straight and hold it in place with screws. Should be like an hour surgery right couple hours after for recovery or am I misunderstanding him? ... (20 replies)
... is to take a small part of a banana peel, place this on the skin and then put peice of cloth tape over it to hold it in place. It can be left there for the day, taken off at night and redone the next day. ... (4 replies)
... not sure about the type I'm getting but dr says he'll make a cut,peel back the skin,shave the bone and align straight with screws he'll put in. (29 replies)
... Im back from Cancun. Frankly, im so glad to be home and not living out of a suitcase anymore. We had a great time. UGH, I remember the nasty foot peel thing. Like a snake!! What is your progress now? ... (4 replies)
... It's because your foot swelled so much after...your skin is elsatic enough to stretch when your foot swells after surgery but as the swelling goes down the skin won't really shrink back to normal size so instead it will peel off. ... (50 replies)!!!!
Aug 2, 2006
... Well, problem solved. I went in the pool yesterday and the skin on the back of the heel that I was worried about started to peel off. Underneath was just some fresh skin. My mom mentioned that maybe during the surgery the doc needed to use a scope or something that would leave that mark. ... (13 replies)
... have a small callus right under the big toe on the left foot. It never bothers me in anyway, so life goes on for 20 years now. I usually just use something to peel of the skin and I was OK. ... (1 replies)
... some wound is a lot better. There is still one end of it that goes a little bit tacky when I've been moving around in the boot and it also does do if I leave my foot down for a long time. The rest of the foot is adapting to being in the open air a lot. ... (149 replies)
... This update deals with the rather disgusting. My foot has continued to peel skin but in general looks and feels alot better. ... (50 replies)
... pay and later billing so I tried it. It felt considerably better by the next morning. It's at the stage where the old skin is starting to peel. Not the prettiest but it looks better once the old ick is off. ... (19 replies)
Please Help!
Aug 1, 2011
... As far as the skin peeling after the cast came did it ever!! When I could finally take a shower again, the whole bottom of my foot looked white, wet and spongy. ... (7 replies)
... well, as of today I'm only using one crutch....i'm very happy. still hurts but the pain isn't nothing like it was, all of my strips are off the wounds, but I still have some dry blood sticking on the heel, also I have 2 major scabs on the back of the heel where the screws where put in the heel bone. good luck with trying for one crutch. (18 replies)
... i washed my foot i think last week. i didn't do it immediately after the case came off because it was still weird feeling. ... (18 replies)
... doing the toe exercises the Dr. told me about...I do soak it sometimes in a spa bath...I'm worried because there's some extra white like skin...I know it's dead skin but I don't want to peel at it...will this just fall off? ... (7 replies)
... days then I see him in about 9 days. He said maybe around then I can wear a shoe. That would be pretty cool. I'm a little bit concerned that I have stubbed my foot a couple times today which really hurt! It almost looks like part of the cut split open a little and there was a little blood on my sock. ... (55 replies)
Planters Wart
Dec 15, 2002
... so we tried it and it worked! Every night, for a week staight, we cut a section of banana peel, and taped it over the wart. We used first aid cloth tape. Banana skin out and "gooey" side on wart. She wore a sock over this to secure it. The wart disappeared and has never came back. ... (5 replies)

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