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... I had my surgery 15 weeks ago. I went under thinking I was having the sesamoid out and woke up to find that they found a piece of bone in the joint and lots of dead cartilage. My surgeon decided to try a graft first but has not been very hopeful about the outcome because the damaged area is so big. ... (18 replies)
... Hi fightmother. The doctor said heel weight bearing from the beginning. Of course, that wasn't in the cards at the beginning because my foot was sore. Now I can walk on the heel no problem. ... (25 replies)
... and No Pain!!!!!!! He put me in an air cast and said take it easy till next week when the stitches come out. I am very optomistic and pleased with this progress. ... (25 replies)

... ray until a few months down the road. I have been able to put weight on my entire foot, and drive since that visit. My toe is fused at a 20 degree angle, which seems good. Ironically, it feels like I have more bend in it than before. ... (25 replies)
... Replacement of big toe joint and bone with hardware to correct bunion and removal of a segment of bone from each toe to correct severe hammertoe. Just this past Wednesday, my doctor said I could start walking in life without that massive surgical boot. ... (6 replies)
... again, 5 seasons on DVD.... Hugh Laurie as the crankiest, rudest doctor in the world is somehow very refreshing.... ... (25 replies)
... toe implant in the MTP which had to be removed because it "didn't seat properly". Dr. ... (33 replies)
... r not responding sooner. I wanted to update you on my progress and what I found out. As far as my pain, before and after the surgery, before the surgery, it hurt in the joint of my big toe on the bottom of my foot. ... (13 replies)
... Your story sounds like mine. I had my first surgery in Dec. 99 to remove a bone spur a repair an old fracture in the joint. That surgey didn't work, so a year later I had a joint replacement in the big toe. ... (10 replies)
... I had a joint replacement in my big toe in Dec. 00. For me It wasn't sucessful. I lived with the pain, walked on the outside of my foot until I couldn't handle it anymore. Finally in feb. ... (10 replies)
... i work in the kennesaw area (13 replies)
... xrayed and another check up. Should be back in sneakers and driving at that time. ... (25 replies)
... There are lots of stories in here of people who've had fusions. I found them very helpful for getting psyched up to have the surgery. It does seem to be the best option for active people. ... (25 replies)
... Try to imagine a football goal post with the end post fixed in each bone being fused. A fixator holds the bones in place thereby giving them a better chance to mend together. They can be quite painful at times. I had one on my wrist after I crushed it 10 or so years ago. ... (33 replies)
... Thank you! I have never worn pointy toes or high heels in my life, so no loss there. I just don't want to limp. ... (9 replies)
... HI in response to the above post . the doctor said i would have to ahve a "fusion" Kathy (9 replies)
... l. However, I cannot walk for long periods as the pain accelerates. I was out of work for 7 weeks with the last surgery when I was told I would be back at work in 3 weeks. ... (33 replies)
... only wear a couple of my pairs of sandals. I am doing better though and actually ventured through home depot without the electric wheelchair cart today!! I was in a surgical shoe for about two weeks. Take care. ... (33 replies)
... i can fit into shoes i couldnt 8 months ago. i guess the ct scan will know for sure. sharon, how long is recovery from the removal of hardware and were you in a cast or surgical shoe? ... (33 replies)
... I went to this Doctor for a bunion surgery on my right great toe. When I awoke my foot was in a cast and he said the toe joint was to far gone to repair and went with the fusion. ... (19 replies)

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