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... on the inside of my foot. Fracture ruled out by xray. Advised to see a podiatrist if symptoms do not resolve in three days, but I will be out of town all next week. ... (1 replies)
... I have what looks like a small bruise just below the left inside ankle. It not swollen and there is no lump, just a fingerprint sized spot that looks like a bruise. A little red looking thread is at the top of it. ... (2 replies)
... Just this evening I discovered a lump on the inside of my ankle. If you were to draw a line from the inside ankle bone to the very back, bottom of the heel it is half way in between. It's about the size of a small marble. I have had no injury to the area at any time. ... (0 replies)

... It looks like a small lump over the ankle bone but my doctor says it's filled with fluid. ... (0 replies)
... s Achilles thing. I just don't want to know and my surgeon is so conservative it wouldn't be right anyway. I am hoping if I keep stretching it will just stay a lump and not affect my ROM by keeping the tendon from stretching fully which then hurts. ... (75 replies)
... I have a lump on my inner ankle which I have had for years. I recently had an mri with contrast done and it urgently needs to be removed. ... (1 replies)
... Well im a very sporty person, and i was absolutely devastated to roll my ankle during a tennis lesson last monday. Immidiately i was in agony and couldnt walk, a first aider came to my rescue with ice packs ect... ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I've been having trouble finding the answers to some of my questions regarding a persistent foot injury, and I thought maybe someone here might be able to help. I injured my achilles in March of this year. It was a moderate overuse injury, didn't need surgery but was significantly painful and did interfere with movement and lifestyle. It swelled a few times over... (0 replies)
... I am SO GLAD that the new PT is working out. A 4 prong cane seemed kind of weird to me; it's not usually the first thing therapists go to. I'm glad that you have someone who is more realistic about working from where you are instead of pushing toward meeting unreasonable goals. I have pushed really hard and fast and have been really focusing so hard on this balance... (75 replies)
... I better understand your walking inside now, as you use your walker or your scooter. I use my walker to gradually weight bear and to navigate my four stairs out of the house to my car. ... (75 replies)
... It is so hard after going through this to not be afraid of everything else happening that could make this surgery be one of two or more. My ankle has a very loud popping on the inside (surgery on the outside) and while I'm relatively sure I know what it is and that is it fine it is still scary and I can't wait to see the dr next week to find out what he thinks it is. I think... (75 replies)
... Thanks. The left (inside) scar is small (thin) now. The right (outside) scar looks good but has a big (dime sized) lump of scar tissue underneath. PT said massage the scars twice per day, but I'm only doing it every other day. Brace takes longer to put on or take off than the boot, but it's a lot less intrusive! Not sure if am supposed to wear it all the time. I wear it at... (84 replies)
... This started back in february,I noticed some swelling and pain just below the left ankle on the inside of my foot.I thought that maybe my shoes were kind of tight causing swelling and the pain. ... (2 replies)
... bruising. I only know where that lies because well, I googled an ankle diagram. ... (7 replies)
... I sprained my left ankle about 5 months ago. ... (4 replies)
... rusted him before, and give it some more time. Get some of those ice packs, the kind that stay flexible. Get enough of them to completely surround your cast from ankle to toes twice. ... (14 replies)
... re which healed in a slightly off position, messing up my biomechanics. For about two years I had a "twisty" feeling along the long bone when I walked. Then my ankle started feeling weak, like it was going to give way. ... (20 replies)
... Months My Doc Told Me That I Was Just Healing Slowing And That There Was No Recurrent Neuroma..on The 6th Month I Went To An Ortho Foot And Ankle Specialist And Yes There Was A Massive Stump Neuroma On April 3rd 2004 I Had Surgery Again With A Planter Approach..not Fun... ... (1 replies)
... t home in pain.It now has been three weeks the pain is horrible and i have to use a cane to get around so that i dont end up in severe pain. The right side of my ankle is two times the size of the other.There was a really nasty bruise on the inside of my arch but that has gone away. ... (2 replies)
... al surfaces, never mind ice and snow! I walk with a limp, I walk in pain, I cry all the time. My toes are not where they should be, more my big toe. I have a lump on the top of my foot where the pins and cadaver bones are. ... (30 replies)

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