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... Thanks hollywood! I just took the crutches out in did a few steps walking with them and thats helping a little I also took a half a vicodin about 15 min ago so we shall see if it helps.I called my surgeons office again today to see what i could do but i really dont want to take crazy pain meds as I have a busy schedule the next few days and dont need to be sleepy. It is so odd... (18 replies)
... I am not exactly sure that I have had impingement of the ATFL, but I have had mild synovitis and joint effusion. ... (18 replies)
... has anyone else with impingement of the ankle at the ATFL and a Small ankle joint effusion with mild synovitis had problems walking without severe pain. I am due to see the surgeon next thursday but i am afraid its not soon enough. ... (18 replies)

... I have and I'm getting a CT scan Friday again for it after 2 surgeries on my ankle. I've had Synovitis cleaned out twice. The impingement my dr. just told me could come from the surgery itself. I've had major surgery on my ankle in Sept. ... (18 replies)
... s. I also have a non displaced fracture at the lateral aspect of the tunnel within the distal fibula from where he drilled in previous surgeries. I also have the synovitis and thickening of the ATFL. ... (18 replies)
... I had impingement and synovitis. It was awful. I needed a cane to walk more than a few steps, and if I tried to push too hard, I'd wake up the next morning unable to move my ankle due to swelling. I had arthroscopic surgery, they found this ugly thing on my synovium, cut it off, and I got better. Meanwhile, do you have a CAM walker? (boot) (18 replies)
... Apparent mild tenosynovitis involving the peroneal tendon sheath. ... (18 replies)
Surgery notes.
Jun 6, 2011
... Hi there. Your condition and surgery sounds a lot like mine. I definitely want to hear more. It's late right now, have to hit the sack, but I will post my surgery notes tomorrow (paraphrased--they're detailed). My surgery date was 3/14/11. Debbie:) (14 replies)
Surgery notes.
Jun 6, 2011
... some synovitis within the syndesmosis. ... (14 replies)
... Small ankle joint effusion with mild synovitis. ... (2 replies)
... So a little update. I went to the Drs last Thursday morning and he tried to tell me maybe i need to see the pain clinic and it may just be a nerve issue and not letting on i knew my test results i was like there's no fractures or anything and low and behold there is one in my fibula and at the end of the fibula where he drilled last year, the bone is almost GONE! he tells me... (18 replies)
... believe it or not ice doesn't help either! Its so odd but I have tried it and all it makes it do is throb as does hot baths, but keeping it raised does help a little... Saw the surgeon today and asked if he had read my films and he said not yet but he sounded irritated, but i refuse to apologize for being pushy this is the 3rd time in less than 2 years i have had significant... (18 replies)
... Yes, it definitely came and went. Though usually for me the "cycles" of good and bad were more like a week. Ice is your friend. (18 replies)
... I figured that. I am so ready to rip my foot off it hurts a ton today. Did you find that some days the pain was worse than others? (18 replies)
... CT scan can't see some types of impingement. It does say you have swelling, though. (18 replies)
... yes i got my ct films back but my appt isnt until thursday but it didnt say anything about impingment. my ankle was held at 90 degrees put i dont know if the angles matter on a ct, could be wrong tho. i will keep you posted. when is your appointment? when was your ct? (18 replies)
... Alycat, did you get your CT films? Is your appt. this Thurs? I had my CT and they didn't place my ankle at 90 degrees so I'm pointing my toes in my CT. I don't think that helps to show anterior impingement. I'm a bit worried my CT was useless for that issue. Keep us updated with news form your appt. (18 replies)
... Have you been taking anti-inflammatories? Have you considered a topical like Aspercreme? It works really well on pain in the smaller joints like ankles. Hang in there. (18 replies)
... Update: they are sending me for a CT scan to look at the bone tunnels from last years surgery, they suspect a possible fracture. I tried taking vicodin Wednesday night and was up all night feeling very spaced but couldn't sleep.. Nothing seems to be working to alleviate the pain, not even crutches and ice and elevation. Sigh, is it next Thursday so i can know if i need... (18 replies)
... you too. Keep me posted its nice to know im not alone in my symptoms (18 replies)

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