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... That's all I had to determine that I had a neuroma also. ... (124 replies)
... years ago when I had an uncomfortable sensation in the bottoms of my feet, I never, never, never should have listened to the podiatrist who rushed into a neuroma excision.. ... (124 replies)
... I am sorry to report that after I had the neuroma surgery 11 years ago the discomfort never went always felt like I was walking on an almond or small walnut.. ... (124 replies)

... (25 replies)
... intense really out of proportion to the stimulus. And then there's the stabbing pain and the pain that feels like my skin is ripping apart.ugghh, if you do have crps you need to start physical therapy for it right away. ... (25 replies)
... I was in excrutiating pain on waking like treading on glass, he went in underneath. 3 months later I was referred to pain specialist I have been diagnosed with CRPS by 4 consultants. I am on 50mg Amytriptaline and 1800mg Gapabentin and Tramadol 500mg 3 x a day. Phsyio and visits to pain specialist 6 weekly. ... (0 replies)
... I saw my foot doc today and we talked about the neuroma and stump neuroma that he thinks are in the ball of the foot. I asked him why they didn't show up in the MRI and he said they often don't... ... (124 replies)
... Dear Tigerlily, You just may have answered your own question. An ultrasound is exactly the same thing as a sonogram. Most orthopaedics will ask for an ultrasound/sonogram for helping to diasgnose the Morton's neuroma. Good luck! (124 replies)
... RSD. Im 11 months post ankle surgery and developed CRPS immediately after my surgery and it has already changed my life. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Kelly, Hope you are feeling much, much better. That ER visit must have been so scary. I am going to get a second pain dr opinion. Yes, since I found it early, I thought they would be very aggressive...not so with this doc....she says to put it out of my mind and dismisses if I say it feels like it is in my hand. Hope I am not now too late to get this under control!!!!... (25 replies)
... I will tell my pain management Dr. tomorrow when I go in for my nerve block. I hope your crps burns out in six months, though I thought Drs. liked to try nerve blocks and therapy first instead of wanting to see if it would go away on its own. ... (25 replies)
... I had neuroma surgery a year ago. Foot never felt right after the operation, I got terribly ill for several months. ... (5 replies)
... Hello Martha and everyone, I am wondering what the best diagnostic test is for viewing neuromas...I had an MRI and nothing showed up yet my foot doc says I have a stump and a new neuroma...I thought I had read somewhere that ultrasound was the best way to actually be able to confirm a diagnosis, but then I read elsewhere that sonogram was the best test to see them..( maybe... (124 replies)
... Hi Kelly, I don't get to this board often. Plus I am never sure if I am even "posting" properly. Hope things are improving for you. I hear this post op problem can take time to heal. I don't go to therapy....but have been doing some stretches and rubbing my foot on my own. I hope it is the right thing to do. Does your foot get red and hot after therapy? I use a lidocaine... (25 replies)
... Hi Kelly and all, From what I am reading there are more complications from MN and other foot surgeries than the Docs disclose. Also I'm an RN who used to work in the periop area....I know the post op instructions were way too general and simple. I diagnosed myself after reading about this CRPS/RSD on the internet and told my surgeon my concern....he said I didn't have it. I... (25 replies)
... econd opinion and am being sent to a pain doctor. My first doctor said my foot is still healing and give it some time. The second opinon doctor said I might have CRPS which is a very scary bad complication after various surgeries, injuries etc. I will find out from the pain doctor what she thinks. ... (25 replies)
... He had two screws removed from his heal from a previous surgery. He had a sural nerve removal on the outside of his left foot which caused a stump neuroma and on the inside of his foot the doctor untangled the nerve that had gotten bundled up from a previous surgery. ... (11 replies)
... Hi all- I have been trying to resolve this issue for a few months and have been traveling the doctor circuit! Please bear with me as this may get a little long. Back in late April of 2010 I broke my 5th met. it healed fine after, and after about 6 weeks and some PT I was up and going again. Well, in late August I was having some mid foot pain, went to the ortho. doc, he was... (240 replies)
... Thank you for the report because you have been on my mind. I, also, was told it was neurological by the man who fit me to the othotics as well as my general man. I have not read your former letters before writing this, but didn't you tell me you were tested for nerve damage? Whether or not, please do not give up the ship because I know nerves can be restored; I have seen it... (14 replies)

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