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... The doctor was pretty confident in the surgery last time, I agreed to it if it would help and he said it would. I guess I am now at the point where I am wondering what if the MRI comes back and does not show any significant tears or anything would surgery still be warranted. I guess the doctor will let me know that. But I figured with the pain not being so bad, stairs and... (51 replies)
... d only for the surgeon to get in there and tell me afterwards that is was worse then expected. I hope this will not be the case as I am able to get around on my foot pretty well compared to some of the stories I have heard on here. I walk without a limp, I can put all my weight on my foot. ... (51 replies)
... rest the foot as much as you can. ... (51 replies)

Ankle/ foot
Mar 9, 2012
... I sprained my ankle two months ago. I'm still experiencing sharp pain in my foot and the back of my ankle. I saw my doctor who told me there is is a bone chip "floating around in my foot". Is there a serious injury? ... (0 replies)
... dy for a subtalar fusion. I will now have 2 bad feet! My life has changed a ton since I got the triple and I am so scared that now that I have to have my 'good' foot fused as well, that life will look so differently for me. I can honestly say there isn't a day that I go without pai and it gets quite discouraging...... ... (22 replies)
... the outside of my right foot was sore and swelled immediately. I went to urgent care, had xrays and was told it was broken. I was traveling for work and so was not at home at the time. ... (10 replies)
... Today 10-10-07 it has been three days since my accident. The pain is still there in some fashion. I feel the pain when I move my foot a certain way or apply a certain amount of pressure to the upper and outside of my r-foot. While doing some research it stated that a metatarsal stress fracture may not show up on an x-ray and may not be that bad at first but over a few weeks... (3 replies)
... ripped over the stroller and my right ankle rolled compltely over to the side were my ankle was touching the ground. When this occured I felt somthing pop in my foot or ankle. ... (3 replies)
... After 12 days, my ankle is still pretty swollen, but not as bad as before. It hurts a bit to flex my foot, point my toes, and move my foot from side to side. ... (9 replies)
... Hello, i fell from stairs on 28th feb, landed straight on my left foot and it bent too as i fell, rushed to hospital and the doc checked the xray and said it was just a sprain.. My foot had bruised and swelled badly as well. ... (2 replies)
... Skip the DPM. They only want to sell you custom orthotics and can only manage sprained ankles, plantar fascitis and simple things like that. ... (5 replies)
My foot problems
Nov 3, 2017
... I sprained my ankle 13 months ago, it was bad and physio kept getting me to excersise making it worse (I couldn't weight bear). I tore all the ligaments in my ankle, outer inner and upper, I can walk on it fine will no instability but I get burning pain behind my ankle bone, and along the inside bottom of my foot, after being on it..,plus I get a lot of numbness. I am... (1 replies)
... I had old soccer injuries and then sprained my foot and the joints became compromised and eventually so bad that I was getting spurs. Was in chronic pain for 3 yrs while trying every imaginable therapy... ... (2 replies)
... My pain is on the outside of my right foot and increases through the day as long as I am on it. It also hurts to rotate it and driving farther then the 25min to get to work is quite painful. ... (3 replies)
... You need to see a foot/ankle specialized orthopedist. You can find one by searching for it and you'll find a professional organization that you can search by zip code. It is worth traveling a bit for the expertise. Do not use a podiatrist or standard orthopedist; they are not as specialized and not as well trained in these injuries. It's impossible to know if you will... (1 replies)
... Ankle problems...How did your last surgery work? Is everything OK now? (9 replies)
Sprained Ankle
Mar 3, 2015
... Ankle sprains are notoriously slow to heal and often fractures heal more quickly. At this point you really need to see a specialist, specifically a foot/ankle certified orthopedist. Not a general orthopedist and definitely not a podiatrist as neither has enough specialization in ankle injuries to provide quality care. You especially need to do this with hearing a pop with... (2 replies)
... after my ligament surgery in 2013, I still sprained my foot a bunch of times, leading to scar build up. It led to swelling of peroneal tendons and pain, we tried cortisone shots. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks Hollywood 48. So far this seems like a grade one, should be fine in a few days deal. My PT said that I should ice, take it very easy this weekend and if I am not better when I go to see him Wednesday he'll call the dr. for me. So hopefully he's right. I am wearing my boot tonight because I'm watching my mom's 2 puppies and they wrestle a lot which doesn't feel safe.... (14 replies)
... nd what I still feel needs work at 6 months post op. I am still wearing the lace up brace and doing lots of things. But its the feeling of not having either my foot instinctively plant without rolling or seeing there is a problem and automatically doing a tuck and roll to the ground to prevent the rollover. ... (14 replies)

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