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... And yes, my silly toe is still twitching! ... (15 replies)
... So anyway, the problem is for the past hour my toes have been twitching uncontrollably and I'm afraid because I have metal screws in them. Also my foot feels a bit numb and has this painful prickling sensation. ... (3 replies)
... Hey Hollywood! Sorry about the pain, it is frustrating I know......I have five cats and a dog....and since I was gone for five weeks at Judy's house they have all been fighting over who is going to sit on me next. The dog is pretty good because she was with a friend and got a lot of attention, the cats on the other hand are another story! They keep taking turns lying on... (15 replies)

... I'm so sorry and I completely understand how you feel except I don't have the kids to have to do for next week like you do so I'm sorry about that! But the 5 animals (who feel like I'm ignoring them and don't understand why I can't take them outside and are spiteful at times because of it) are getting to me and it is so complicated to do ANYTHING! Ugh! I know! And my tendon is... (15 replies)
... partially numb as is the top of my foot on the outside. I could only move them up and down some, couldn't spread or fan them out. That came later. But I had some twitching on my toes too. Not constant, off and on but has been gone for a while. Now it's my leg or foot that twitches! ... (15 replies)
... Ok. There's no pain associated with this... I'm even trying to skip Percoset and stick with just ibuprofen. But. My 4th toe - the one right next to my little one - has a twitch that is driving me batty. It was here a bit each day but seems to be carrying on for a while today. Anyone know why? (15 replies)
... I had the same surgery, and started the toe exercise at about two weeks. Now it has been five weeks since surgery. ... (6 replies)
... I dislocated my big toe at the knuckle joint during a judo tournament about a week and a half ago, the bone popped out of the skin. ... (0 replies)
... I had a chevron bunionectomy 5 weeks ago and just started walking and doing my toe exercises last week. By Tuesday I'm supposed to be able to start wearing a shoe. ... (6 replies)
... Recently in my right big toe i've been experiencing a pain now and again and i got it this morning too. ... (1 replies)
... op lapidus bunionectomy, just starting the 5th week. I was told to start doing big toe exercises 10 days ago, and have been experiencing big toe throbbing and twitching for the past 10 days, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep. Anyone else with this type of surgery experience this? ... (6 replies)
... When I was 11 my sister pushed me in our pond and I slit my big toe open quite badly. Got that stitched up and healed. I've realised over the years that I may have damaged a tendon permanantly. ... (1 replies)
Twitching toes?
Nov 22, 2012
... s and everything seems to be going well so far. But there is one thing that I have noticed and I was wondering if it was normal. The muscles in my foot have been twitching for a few days now and I didn't really think anything of it since it wasnt painful and it was only every now and then. ... (1 replies)
... I also had a Lapidus procedure back in Oct for a severe bunion. The joints in my big toe were not broken but the joint in the first metatarsul closest to my ankle was removed and the joint fused. ... (6 replies)
... and a sharp feeling back in the outer right foot. Those things I've been dealing with. For the last 5 days, the left outer foot muscle area has been twitching on and off constantly. Could that be from the PF? ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for your responses. My spasms have stopped for now, but I will speak to my Dr. (3 replies)
... I recall having a few twitches here and there - nothing crazy. As far as numbness and prickly sensation.....I absolutely had those. As a matter of fact, one area of one foot is still a little numb. You will have some strange sensations for a while, but if it concerns you, call your doctor for a little piece of mind. :) (3 replies)
... Mine twitch occasionally but not like you say yours are doing. If it keeps up call your Dr. Good luck! (3 replies)
No Toe Wiggle :(
Mar 5, 2013
... I'm 4 wks out tomorrow. I don't have the big nerve twitch jerks that wake me out of a sound sleep any more...not since about day 5. The only thing I still have every once in a while is this fluttery feeling along my incision on the outside of my foot and once I felt it along the incision on top of my foot. It is strange, feels like a really rapid fluttering feeling. Not... (40 replies)
No Toe Wiggle :(
Mar 5, 2013
... We haven't started snowing yet but it says its not expected to until around midnight. I'm doing great with my pain management now. All I needed was to take over myself and it all got better. No fights between my mom and I anymore. Expect over what I should eat and if I should take tums or not to prevent my acid refluxs. I have the same thing you had with the dreams and... (40 replies)

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