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Thank you so much for your caring and advice God I do not know what I would have done without these boards, you shadowrose, mwessle, LadyJ, they keep me going when I though I was all out of going if that makes any sence.

I have hit a wall, I had a week that I could function I mean I got up and went about my day just like any other day, then it hit me. I woke up one day and realized this is for real, Chazz is not coming back he is not away on buisness, he is dead, he is dead, he is dead. That is call I could find myself saying. I spent three days I litterally could not get out of bed, my son finally came over and made me get up, I think it is all just settling in he is dead, his body is in the ground and I will never hear his voice or see him again in this lifetime. The bible preaches their is no marriage in heaven, does this mean we will not be together in heaven. Right now I am just it seems going through the motions of life. I get up, I eat when I realize I have not eaten in days, I sleep on and off, I rarely leave the house, only to the cematry and thats it. My life is like I am just going through it, not really living. I feel like God has taken my world and I am just stumbleing through the rest of it. What am I to do? Where do I go during the day? I seem to have lost my purpose in life, before it was being Chazz's wife now since he is gone ( he is dead) I do not seem to have a purpose. I just seem to keep thinking he is dead he is dead. God will this nightmare ever end.

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