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My Mom's death
May 26, 2005
My mom passed away very suddenly on March 12, 2005. It was 10 days after telling us on the 2nd that she had cancer. They first spotted in her liver but had said that was not her primary site. and they didn't know where it started. Each day brought more bad news as it was spreading rapidly through her body, My one sister and I did most of all her care giving while she was in hospital.. On March 10th my sister and I decided to take her home. We were told that she would never make it to the cancer clinic for treament. She died 2 days later at home with my Dad, sister and a good friend of moms and I at her side. That exprience is so fresh that I just can't explain right now. I have so many replays of those few days.

People had told me I would have good days and bad. And I thought I did have those bad days. But tues night was really the worst, I had her on my mind most of the week-end and all of a sudden I just started to sob. really sob. and I couldn't stop. I miss her so much. It was like while I was sobbing that I could hear my Mom saying. ****** (my real name) don't forget me. Oh mommy how could I ever forget you!. It's so unfair how all of this went, and I don't understand. I have so many unaswered question.

Has anyone every expierneced this? Just out of the blue you start crying. what can you do to comfort your self? I find that there are a lot of people who seem not to care or know how to help.
I am so sorry for a long post. My prayers are with all of you who are grieving. It sure isn't an easy process. I am just so sad
Thank-you for listening ( reading)
May God Bless.

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