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My Mom's death
May 26, 2005
My mom passed away very suddenly on March 12, 2005. It was 10 days after telling us on the 2nd that she had cancer. They first spotted in her liver but had said that was not her primary site. and they didn't know where it started. Each day brought more bad news as it was spreading rapidly through her body, My one sister and I did most of all her care giving while she was in hospital.. On March 10th my sister and I decided to take her home. We were told that she would never make it to the cancer clinic for treament. She died 2 days later at home with my Dad, sister and a good friend of moms and I at her side. That exprience is so fresh that I just can't explain right now. I have so many replays of those few days.

People had told me I would have good days and bad. And I thought I did have those bad days. But tues night was really the worst, I had her on my mind most of the week-end and all of a sudden I just started to sob. really sob. and I couldn't stop. I miss her so much. It was like while I was sobbing that I could hear my Mom saying. ****** (my real name) don't forget me. Oh mommy how could I ever forget you!. It's so unfair how all of this went, and I don't understand. I have so many unaswered question.

Has anyone every expierneced this? Just out of the blue you start crying. what can you do to comfort your self? I find that there are a lot of people who seem not to care or know how to help.
I am so sorry for a long post. My prayers are with all of you who are grieving. It sure isn't an easy process. I am just so sad
Thank-you for listening ( reading)
May God Bless.
Re: My Mom's death
May 27, 2005

Hi. My mother passed away in April of last year. Breast cancer took her from us. She lived with it for seven years. It wasn't until the last month did the cancer move quickly. I took care of her too. I was with her for her last breath and heart beat. She did pass peacefully, but it was very hard to be there for her. I wanted to be but it didn't hit me until a few days after the funeral. I cried of course at the funeral but the reality of not talking to her anymore hit HARD a few days later when I picked up my cell phone to call her on my way home. I had to share a moment about my daughter that I know she would want to know when all the sudden she wasn't there to tell. I stil find myself wanting to tell her about my daughter or son...what they did today or what time their games are. I think that mom knows everything I want to tell her or what is going on in my life....some how I know this. I do not know if you are religous or not...but my faith really helps me sometimes. I think God gave my mom cancer because he knew only his best angles could survive such a horrible disease and still smile everyday. So I know my kids have the best Guardian Angle they could ever have.

Just remember to let yourself break down and cry. Remember all the great times and the hugs. I know I really miss them. My mom use to hold me and hug me so tight and say "what would I ever do without you" I use to tell her that she was silly. Now I wish I had just one more hug and have her tell me that all over again. Life is just a stepping stone to bigger and brighter things. I know that my mom is waiting for me. I just have to be patient a little while longer before I get to see her again. So until then, I hug myself and think about what she would say to me. It still makes me cry but I am getting better.

I hope this helps. I cannot tell you that it is going to be easy, because it isn't going to be. Grief is something God wants us to experience. But it will get better. You will be able to think about her and smile or laugh. Give it time. Don't rush it. I think at first I tried to and found more hard days then easy days. I think about her every day. I am so glad that I got to be with her for the time that I did. Mom's are the best thing God ever created.

:angel: :)
Re: My Mom's death
Jun 5, 2005
I lost my mum to ovarian cancer on 26th March 2005. I don't really know what to say. I'm sitting here listening to one of her CDs, crying, looking at her photos and trying to find comfort somewhere when I really ought to be studying. I have a report to submit and she insisted that she wanted me to carry on. She actually said that she knew it would be hard to concentrate but was concerned that I wouldn't achieve my qualification. She was so self less until the end. Only concerned for who she left behind.

Isn't it hard to deal with! I see other people and their mums and feel angry at the moment. She was a wonderful wife to my dad, devoted mum and loving nanny to my children. Why isn't she still here? It's as if she's been on holiday and now I'm beginning to really miss her. I've kept myself really busy for the last 2 months and when I stop it hurts. I can't believe I'm not going to see her again. She's gone!

It is a comfort to read other peoples messages. I feel for you all. You're not on your own. We are going through this together. xxx :confused:

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