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Thank you all for being so kind and caring. My mother is out of the hospital but in a wheel chair and she will be walking again but that will take time gaining strength again. She has been very worried after hearing about myself and Chris and its killing me inside for her to see this family fall apart right in front of her eyes so to speak. We must remember that she lost her husband of over 30 years because they met and got married right after college in their twenties. They both were in their 60s when this happened. Its so much harder for a family to support one another when we lost somebody we loved as well. My grandparents have passed away about six years ago in a car crash as well so car crashes haven't exactly been new for us. What ticks me off is that both car crashes have been caused by another drunk driver. What is it with drunk drivers and our family because it seems that they target us for some reason.

Oh and one other problem now is that my brothers wife's family has sent a court ordered notice questioning the will Chris's parents left giving me the money as the POA. So it seems that they all the sudden in another state want both the money and the house now. They won't win this but its just another thing that I have to deal with now. Its quite sad that her family cares more about their house and money instead of the fact that they lost a family member. They should know they could never win because the will clearly states that everything goes to Chris and that I'm the POA for him. Why would they think that they have more rights to this than Chris does regardless of the will. The will just makes it and locked and closed case and they still are taking it to court. Why would they do this to us and what would they gain expect anger and resentment afterwards. I guess money could bring the worst out of people. They never bothered to send cards or even fly in once for Christmas or his Birthday expect now.
Hi Mark -

I am glad to hear your mom is out of the hospital now - now she can begin to heal. I have always felt that it is hard to heal [B]IN[/B] the hospital because you get woken up so much through the night and also, the hospital is a germy place, at least in my neck of the woods :)

As far as your brother's wife's family and their contesting the will, try NOT to let this worry you too much - no matter how much you worry, it won't change a thing - I know, easier said then done, but you are right, what are her parent's/family thinking? If they really want what is best for Chris, why would they take the things (his house and belongings) he is used to and is "normal" to him, away from him? I am assuming, of course, that you moved in with him - I would be willing to bet his house etc. has to offer some comfort to him - although, for a lot of adults who have lost a significant other, the house they shared is sometimes too hard to stay in with all the memories. So, I guess it could go either way - I am guessing since Chris is so young, the house would offer some comfort...?

Anyway, hang in there. As I mentioned in one of my posts, time is on yours and Chris' side. You and he will [I]NEVER GET OVER [/I] what has happened, but time will allow for you both to get used to the idea of your loved ones being gone - and they are gone physically, not spiritually - keep them in your heart....


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