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Many people live a long life without knowing what a broken heart feels like and they are so fortuntate.
But, for us that have had children pass away or a deep loss-- we know !!

I am very sorry for you because it will alway be with you. I have lost 2 daughters a 5 yo and a 15 yo~~~
What is so un-usually is the reminders that come up during your life and the feelings and thoughts that we know so well is just so close and just a thought away.

God Bless~~~Harry
just wnated to say sorry about your loss (it hurt soo much i know.)

i just lost my baby son Kyle (21week pregnant) and my world fell like it has stoped. i fell like am in another world and so lost without him.

i dont think we will ever get over this (and part of me dont ever want toa s i just want to be with him) i guest we just have to find away to live it our loss, but how i really dont know
Im so terribly sorry to hear this. I know its hard, I, too, just lost my baby a couple of weeks ago and right now I dont think I'll ever be able to go back to normal.. Its all too painful...

Like you said, you have other children who love you and need you. You need to be there for them too. At the same time I totally understand and would tell you to take as much time as you need to cope with this.. My prayers go out to you ..
So sorry to hear of your loss,i lost my little girl 21years ago due to potters syndrome she lived 3/4 an hour i also went through 26 hour labour as i was 36 weeks into pregnancy in them days in uk women were advised not to see baby so to my regret i didnt see her she was baptised,i was awake when i had her but due to her being breach i had epidural and couldnt move.i was given a picture of her but wish so much i had held her.any way the pain does get better you will never forget i have since had three more children but joanne is so close i can feel her presance with me at times when i need someone,i found it helped to write a poem and published it for her knowing her memory is in a book.i have comfort now i have sadley lost my dad knowing they are together.hope you can get through this bad time knowing that she is with you, thinking of you love from one angels mum to another.
I just want to say that the pain will ease but the memories of your daughter will stay strong.(as they should) I had nine misscarriages and the tenth pregnancy was five and half months when I went into labour we lost our son and we were devastated. That was the one of the hardest ones not that they werent all terrible but this one seemed to be the hardest. Well to make a long story short we did get preagnant again six months later and now have a beautiful sixteen year old daughter. I know that hearing this is not going to take your pain away but please know that my heart goes out to you and my prayers for peace are with you.

Janice {{{{hugs}}}}
I was five months pregnant when my water broke also. My labor stopped, but because of infection, my son died and was delivered later that day. He was my first pregnancy and I've lost another pregnancy in the year since his death. It will be a year on Sunday, and it's better than it was, but I still haven't recovered. I don't guess we ever truly do after the loss of a child.

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