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Re: Is God True
Nov 9, 2005
These are all interesting points, but I too struggle with the idea that there is a God, and fear that most of the time, when I do feel like there is something there, that it is just wishful thinking. None of us wants to feel like this is it, like there is nothing after this, but maybe this is it. Maybe we have to feel satisfied that this is a pretty great life, and we get to love people, experience all kind of great things here, and there dosen't have to be anything after this. I lost my wonderful Dad about three years ago, and that is something that really tests any faith you might have. Sometimes I feel like he's here, and around us, but really that is probably just the strong memory of him, and the love he leaves behind. None of it makes any sense really. If there was a God, that was supposedely loving and wonderful, why would we have to go through this terrible grief? I can understand if we had to loose people as they are older, and then somehow you can come to terms with it, but for example with my Dad, he was fairly young, and very healthy, and got this really rare thing that killed him in six months. That was it. He did everything he could to stay healthy. He ate right, exercised, encouraged his whole family to do so, went to the doctor when he was sick. He asked for very little in life, only to be here with his wife. I still can't understand it at all. I ask for signs sometimes, but don't really get any. Tell me this also, if there is a God, why can't we get signs from him that my Dad is ok? Why not one little sign?? It seems so unfair. So, I would conclude from this that there might be nothing after this, and we have to accept the fate given us that we get to be here enjoying many years of great fun with family, until something bad happens, and we just have no choice but to deal with it. It's a really hard reality. People talk about creation, and how beautiful things are, but that is science, and chance. It dosen't tell me there is a God when I see a beautiful sunset. I see a beautiful sunset, not eternal life. You could also see many very ugly things on this Earth, and what does that tell you? What about starving children, and natural disasters, and the horrific conditions that some people live in their whole lives. I'm sure they are not seeing God each day. So, I guess my point is, I'm not trying to be jaded, but just enjoy the time you have here, and don't try to make something out of nothing. You have the memories to hold on to, and that is what lives on, in the rest of your family. I am just learning to accept this, instead of constantly dwelling on whether or not my Dad is happy, and somewhere good. He is gone, and I will never see him again. I have to accept that, and it sucks. Period. But, I have to enjoy my kids, and try to make their life as good as my Dad did for me. My Dad did believe in God, but that didn't do him much good as we were praying for him to get better. I begged and begged, only to have him gone. And, nothing good has come out of this. Our family has been torn apart by his death. My Mother is doing terrible, and it's been three years. So, I guess this is therapy to write all this down. I'm sorry if I depressed anyone. Thanks for listening.....Mrs. Jaded

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