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My wonderful 33 yr old son Ricky was killed today.A New Orleans fire captain.that saved many lives in Hurricane Katrina.The fire truck he was riding in flipped over,He made the front page,said he was a hero to the end. As he lay dying,he radioed in,to get help for his men. The strangest thing happened to me at the time all of this happened,I felt ill couldn"t breath ,felt like I was dying,had my daughter rush me to the ER.
They were giving me a cardiac workup,when we got the news.
I'm feeling better today physically,but I'm grieving terribly.I truley believe I was dying with him,as this all happened at the same time.
I will neve get over this such a sensless death of a beautiful young man,that left a wife and a 4 yr old son.
He was everything to me ,I feel like I've lost part of me.Please someone give me some comfort,I want to believe he's in a better place,but he had a wonderful life here,he was loved by everyone.

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