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My baby kyle
Mar 3, 2006
4 month ago i lost my son, he died in my arm.... and right now i dont know what to do, as i just wnat him back, just to hold him once more. to cuddle him to kiss him, to tell him how much mummy loves him......
i feel so lost. my partner left me as the loss was to much for him, so now it just me, first lost my son now my partner gone to....on top up that my health has gone down hill......

I want my baby boy back now.....i miss you everyday....

they say their is a reason
they say that time will heal
but nor time or reason will change the way i feel
because no one know the heart achethat lie behinde my smile
no one knows how many time i broken down and cryed..
my baby kyle just soo you know, you are soo lovely to think of
but so hard to live with out.
Re: My baby kyle
Mar 3, 2006
erm i am so so sorry to hear about your loss. and i know u want to see him. I wasnt sure whether to say this or not, as im not sure whether you are religous or anything like that.
People who dont believe in god, dont believe this. Hopefully it will help you.

When we loose someone, we know they go to heaven. and we all know one day we wil see them again. But we are also seeing them nearly every night. Every time we go to bed, we go to heaven to see the person who has just died. and we sit, talk to them and everything. Here is a little story that i love reading. Its only short but it is a TRUE story.

"There was a man that had lost his son during a illness he had. He was missing him so so much.
As the years went by, he grew old and died. and went to heaven.
He met his angle and he asked if he could see his son. and he did. He saw his son playing with his foot ball.
He souted "Son im over here" but he was a little stunned as his son turned round and shouted "Hi dad" and then carried on playing.
The man said to his angle "Why is my son carrying on playing, why hasnt he come running over to me, as we have not seen each other for years"
His angle said "thats because you and your son saw each other last night. ever since your son died, you have been coming hear to see him. it may seem years since the last time you saw him, but it was actually last night"

Nice story isnt it. but it is a TRUE story.

So just rememeber when u go to bed tonight, you will go to heaven and see your son. thats why sometimes we wake up with a smile on our faces.
Re: My baby kyle
Mar 3, 2006
I'm so sorry that you lost your Kyle...I lost my little girl, Lauren, 13 years ago and still think of her every day...most of all I remember how my arms physically ached to hold husband and I also split after losing her. Your pain is still so new- and my heart hurts for you. It really is the most painful thing in the world, isn't it? Did you lose Kyle to an illness?

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