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im sorry for everyones loss. i lost my father in law in 2002. u may say he was not your father but he treated me like his own son ever since the first day i met him. he was the only father i have ever known. growing up my father figure was my uncle and he taught me how to be a man. but writing this right now huts so much because i loed that man like he was my father. i looked to him for advice on everyday things. and we would sit and talk about anything.the worst thing is that while he was here me and my wife could not have a child because she was having medical problems but shrtly after he passed she got pregnant. now he is not here to see our wonderful full of joy 2 year old son Isaiah Micheal Womack. our son has his ganddads name as his middle name which is great. time will help u deal with your loss but the pain will never go away. just think about all the happy times that u were able to have. and just be happy in the fact that our lost loved ones are better off. because this world is full of such chaos and destuction. i think that it is amazing how God gives u a chance to get yourself ready for him. i say that because b4 my father passed he got back into church more. he gave his life over to Jesus Christ. and in his final week he was going to all his family members and letting them know that he loved them. he was holding grandkids something that he was not used to doing. all these things showed us all that eventhough we did not know it was his time to go home but he knew.

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