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Re: Feeling lost
Jul 2, 2006
:angel: :blob_fire I am responding to the post from dans mom. The last reply that you sent to me was eerie. I felt like we were kindred spirtins in some way. I know exactly what you were talking about with raising the roof off of whatever facility your child went to if you had been informed of the situation. I say the same thing. If my daughter had been at home I would have ranted raved and blown the roof off the hospital and would have complained to every doctor, nurse or aid and if that didn't work I would have gone over thier heads to the immediate supervisor and then if that didn't work I would have gone straight to hospital officials and if that was no good then to the medical board I would have made sure that they had done the blood work on my daughter instead of just giving her morphine for pain. They were treating the system or trying to quiet her down cause she was evidentally cursing them ridiculing them and the like. The didn't wonder any where close to the way they should have what was causing the constant and horrible pain that she was in and why she was going from jekyle to hyde in a split second. I would have thought that maybe a brain injury or infection in her brain. But her boyfriend and his family just took what the hospiat said and took her home. Never complaining that she seemed to not be getting any better. Then I feel more than cheated and robbed of my mother given right to have been there with her and I recently found out that she was crying for me and was ignored because the family think they are so much more superior than I am They chose to let their own opinions of me cheat her and I out of that time to say goodbye. Because by the time she was at that point there was no saving her. I feel like this... I was there to greet her when she came into this world and I should have been there when she left it. I know how you feel about the stone and not including your name. This family got so angry that I went over their heads and decided to bring her home instead of letting them take her 150 miles away from me and all her love her here. So the week of the funeral I had placed donation buckets at nearly every little store or fast food place in town (it's a small town) and withing the first 2 or 3 days I was made to take all of them down. The family went around telling them that I was using the money for drugs because Of my past problems with that. I recall hearing them brag that they could pay for the funeral with cash and yet I was going to have a carwash on monday and they had one on sunday without letting me know. And people aren't going to give to the same cause twice so I was stopped at every turn at raising the money to pay for her funeral. I only was able to raise about $350 total. They paid for their half. I allowed them to upgrade her casket and pick what she was buried in. They gave her the plot next to the bf mother who died not much older than my daughter while coming home from a custody hearing and everyone in town here have pointed at him for 14 years saying he is the one who caused her accident because he bumped her car. I then still smiled and the whole time they were sticking a knife in my back. I invited them to a memorial we had for all of her friends and people she had grown up with to be able to share their stories of her and they showed up and started arguments with everyone. They tried to threaten the pall bearers and I wouldn't change them. They made sure that they didn't include me in anything. Infact there were two obituaries in the paper that week and I wrote one and they did. I mentioned the boyfriend and even his dad and they didn't bother to add anyone part of my family or hers. only them and her kids. Her own natural father didn't even come but he sent flowers. And now because I havent beem able to pay anything lately 3 months later my daughter still doesn't have a headstone so now they are talking badly and saying that I am proving that I didn't care what my daughter wanted. I dont have the 538 for the headstone. A friend of mine went to the mortuary and attemptd to give them money and they refused it and I know that the boyfriend and his family are behind that. And now with all of that I have an attorney watching the courts to see if I file anything because they say that I can't benefit from my daughters death. How am I benefitting she isn't here and if there is a judgement I will pay off her funeral and the rest will go into a trust for her boys. I am still not allowed to see the kids and I send emails so that I can proive that I have tried to remain a part of their lives but he isn't answering me because I havent'proven to him I love my grandsons by letting him handle any lawsuits. I told him that he had to stop bullying me and I am not going to let him beat me up any longer and that I can't let him second guess if I did the right thing by bringing her home or that she really did hate me or something. I told him that he can continue to do the things he is doing but he can't keep me from the boys forever. Sooner or later they will find out they have other family out there. I keep copies of all correspondence fo and from him. I know that I hurt desparately because any human being or even sub human deserves some compassion and respect that they just lost a part of them their child and I recieved none of that and still am not. I know that I write alot and then finding this message center was one of the greatest thing that has happened to me in a very long time. Now I know that my circumstances aren't as unique as I thought. I try to explain my feeling about all of this to someone and am told why are you letting them bother you. I really cannot forgive them for robbing me of that time with my only living daughter and now my grandsons as well. IU don't know what makes them think they are GOD but there will come a time when their superior complex will reach around and bite them in the ***. Thank you for sharing your story with me because I know that you have helped me in knowing I am not alone. If at any time you need to talk please let me know. I do understand more than you could ever know. I feel as though I am looking into a mirror.

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