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Re: Susan Kay
Dec 18, 2006

It sounds like your Brothers wife is just trying to stir up crap and I wouldn't let her. Surely she knows that you are lost with out your Mom and that your still grieing and she should not do you that way. Dtand up for your self like I said in another post and don't let there girl mistreat you like that. Tell he to take all the flowers she wants to take and for her to say she will bring you your Dollar Store flowers back to you. That would of done it for me.

Well I know your tired and don't want to kep you reading. But actually I have felt better today than I have in a good while. I think the nw blood presure pill they put me on has helped becaue I feel so much better today than I have. I hope I contionue to feel even better. Did you read the post where I sent you the info about the Doctors office calling me and setting up my surgery to do the first one for the blockage?

Well you take care of your self and stop getting your self all worked up!


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