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[QUOTE=zevi8;2839912]I am sorry for your loss. I have never personally gone through something like this but my parents buried a child (2 years old). I wasnt born at the time so i dont know how they dealt with it. If you dont mind my asking, how did you lose her?[/QUOTE]

I have never lost a child either but my grandparents buried a daughter just after she turned 2. She had encephalitis but she also got pneumonia and passed away. My Mum was about 7 at the time and her brother was 5. Last year, my Mum, her brother and his wife and I went to the cemetary where their sister was buried and we found her grave. My mum and her brother hadn't been there since they were kids so they had forgotten where her grave was. It never had a headstone but after my Mum did some research, she got a map of the part of the cemetary where her sister was buried (the cemetary is huge). We found her resting place, despite horrible weather (it was freezing cold and raining) and a very confusing map. Our first attempt at finding the grave was unsuccessful and we had to go to the office. We knew it closed at 3 and it was about 3.15 but for some reason, someone was still there. Then we got a better map and tried again. We realised that we had been in the right section of the cemetary all along and we had actually walked past her grave!! My mum and her brother were so excited!! We like to think that their sister somehow made sure we found her resting place. We even got photos of where she was buried (although there is still no headstone there) and it was a great moment!!

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