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I'm sorry your boyfriend lost his mom. I am worried about the way he is treating you though (the punching bag) I'm hoping its just a verbal thing and not hitting you.
Ok the reason I am replying. I am the one that gives a lot of garbage to other people because my husband died. Verbally that is. I'll admit I do it. But when you're doing it you don't think about it.
Your boyfriend is mad at the world right now. Not you. But sometimes you need to take it out on someone and its always the person thats around you at the time. I know little things pull my trigger. It's one can say the right thing or do the right thing. Its almost like the only one that can right now is his mom, and its not going to happen. With me its my husband, everything would be right in the world if he was back and its never going to happen. You don't plan on being a widow at 33 but life throws you the cards in your hand and you just do the best with the hand that your dealt. You can never fix it or make it right. No matter how you try.
I know with myself....I would rather people just listen instead of talking so much about how I should feel or changing the subject. If they would just take the time to give me breathing room and just listen once in awhile. Let him talk to you. When he's ready. He will. If you push he will push right back twice as hard. Most of all..never forget to tell him you love him.

God Bless and Take care

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