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Hi everyone - I would be grateful if anyone has a suggestion. One of my son's teachers lost her only daughter in October of last year and came back to teaching in December. My sons attend a very small country school, so we are all like family.

I lost my brother last October as well, and after his death, many of our friends and acquaintances did not say anything to us until much later, and then said, "I wanted to comfort you, but didn't know what to say". At that time, I vowed I would never let my own discomfort keep me from letting someone know I care about them and their grief.

Well, now Mother's Day is almost here, and my son came home with a darling mother's day gift he made at school. I truly can't imagine the loss of one of my children, and what it must have cost his teacher emotionally to work on these projects with her students. I know I will see her at church on Sunday, and I want to say SOMETHING, but everything sounds wrong.

I can't say I know how she feels, because I don't and I pray to God every night that I never will. I don't want to say "you're in my prayers" - it just sounds distant, even though I do pray for her. It's too late for "I'm sorry for your loss".

Any suggestions would be really helpful. I want to do the right thing, even if that means saying nothing, but I would have rather heard anything from people rather than nothing when I was greiving. But was that just me?

God bless, Marirose

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