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Cleaning out my Mom's house took me forever. My Mom lived alone, also in the house I grew up in. After she died, I would go over (we lived next door to each other) and just sit in her favorite chair or lay on bed and hug her pillows. I let her house sit for two months, almost exactly as is was the day she went to the hospital, minus a couple of dishes I put away. It gave m such comfort to be there. I miss that. My niece was anxious to move in so I had to start. My brother and his wife helped, I hated other people going through her things it was so personal. I wouldn't let anyone help me with her bedroom, and it was the last room we took down. Oh the memories I found in that house. I miss her so much, as I know you miss your Mom too. I have been praying now for 4 months for a sign from her that she is ok. I have faith that she is in heaven, but what peace I would have if I could have a little sign. Anyway, 4 months later and on some days I still cry like a baby!! God Bless.....

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