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It's over
Jul 29, 2007
It certainly feels that way. On May 15th 2007 my wife of 1.5 years died. I am 28 and she was 26. We were together for almost 11 years. Straight out of school first time everything.

We did every thing right, finished school, got our degrees, she got a great job at the US Embassy in our country. I got a good job at a bank. Bought cars, bought house, dream wedding, rings, honeymoon etc. We planned for all of this -by the book-, we were too happy and wanted for nothing.

I feel like I had the million dollar lottery ticket in my hand, and the wind blew it away. You know that kinda unconditional love? Had it, lost it.

It was sudden, after 20 hours in the hospital, she was gone. I never knew what hit me. Now i'm picking up the pieces, alot of them.

To make it worst, it feels like friends have abandoned me. Apparently some people are only around for the good times. Haven't heard from some of my closest friends in like 6 weeks, no text, email, call etc.

Has anyone else experienced this 'friend' abandonment ??
Re: It's over
Jul 29, 2007
I am sooo sorry for your loss. Even though you were married for such a short while you had so many years together that you shared. It will take sometime to get through this and pick up the pieces but you will get through it. There are stages of grief....the denial, the anger, the bargaining, and finally the acceptance.

You may feel abandoned but most people don't know how to make a person who is grieving feel better....they don't mean any harm but are paralyzed as to what to do or say. I am sure that if you called your friends and told them that you could use the company and their companionship that they will jump at the opportunity to feel as if they can do that for you. Perhaps telling them that you could use a lunch out or sharing a movie or going bowling to keep your mind off of things that they will come through for you.

Perhaps finding a support group of others who have recently lost a loved one will help you through this difficult time. Nobody knows what it is like to lose somebody other than another who has lost somebody they loved as well.

I send you ((((HUGS)))) and my sympathy with prayers that you will find comfort and peace in your heart knowing that your wife's memory will always be a part of you that remains.

((((HUGS)))) ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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