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Missing Mommy
Feb 10, 2008
I lost my Mom on Feb 28,2003. I can't believe Mom will be gone 5 years, it seems like only a few months.
Dear Mom,
I wish I could hear your sweet voice just one more time, I would give my life just to sit with you again over a cup of tea, to watch you roll your hair and watch QVC or Jay Leno. I miss you still so much! Mom, you were my best friend and my biggest fan. I love you for all the scarifies you made for me, thank you for raising me the way you did, I am part of you and you of me, that I will always carry with me forever. I slept with your robe for the first few years, I could smell your sweet perfume and image you next to me. I still cuddle with your robe it, makes me feel close to you and I pretend I am holding you as I did the day you left. My life has never been the same. I wish I would have brought you home with me I hated leaving you in that dark place...alone. I bet you were surprised to see my Dad coming, he lasted a year after you and then of course came Auntie Cathy, she missed you so and I know you greeted her when she came home along with Donna. Will Mom, soon Johnny will be coming as well, I will miss him as he has been so strong for me as our family has passed one by one. I love you Mommy, and I can't wait to see you again. Thank you for being the best Mom a daughter could ever want I miss you so much. People say time heals a broken heart...I am still waiting.
Re: Missing Mommy
Feb 20, 2008

I can so relate to where you are. I just joined seeking to find way to just handle my grief.

My mom/best friend pass January 2005 and it is still a daily process to handle the loss.
I don't know how to get over it. I miss her, wonder where she is, if she hears me, if she would send me a sign or something. I have 2 pillows on my side of the bed, one is hers.
Its still so hard. I am now able to not cry every day. I hope you get my message, it is nice to have someone to talk to that understand that its a huge loss. My heart is so heavy. I am not a only child but I feel so alone now. She was who I talked to about everything. She lived with me and my husband, I don't have children. So we were each other company.

Where do you go from here, how do you move on and not feel like such a cry baby. I was in tears reading your message because its me.


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