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Re: I miss my son
Feb 5, 2010
I am so sorry for your loss. I loss my 21yr old son a little over 3months ago. He was in motorcycle accident/murder while riding his friend's bike. My life has been ruined. I am tormented from my pain everyday! It has only been getting worst as the days go on. I say to myself every morning"wow, another day is starting without him". People mean well, including family but I hate whwn people ask me "how are you doing" when the answer should be obvious. If I answer that I am not doing good, most people say to me "why", that hurts me so much, it feels so insensitive. I prefer to be by myself and not talk on the phone much because I dont want to burden others with my grief. When certain family members see me crying, they will say "ok, you need to stop this and get counseling, think about your other children", that pisses me off even more! First of all, I am not doing anything wrong, I am grieving, he is my son, my baby!!!! Having other children does not replace the loss of one. Sometimes I dont feel like being "mommy" to my other children. I try my best to hide my grief and I prefer to be alone, unless it's happened to someone, most people do not understand. I talk to my son everyday, I can not speak of my son in the past tense. He had a life, he should be having fun with his friends and his cousins and driving me crazy like he use to. I need this nightmare to be over with, I just want to here my son say" hey mom, its me, I'm home", I want my son back!!!!!!!!

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