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Re: Lost
Mar 7, 2010
HI BECKY15 i replied to your page about you losing your husband to a boating accident im very sorry and tryed to help you by posting a mesage on your page my name on this sight is ashdean .i said that you and your son should stand strong and help each other and that i believe that time for us on earth is diferant to time above and one day when how time comes we will meet how loved ones again so i believe. i to am going through grief over my wife dying 6 weeks ago i am new to all this and only joind this sight on fri 5th 2010 when i looked at your page on that friday you wanted to talk to me and put your email address down when i flicked the page i lost this email if you still wish to talk i will be happy to we could talk about how grief its very hard in life to bare the pain and how we realy feel may be i could help you if you want i have a thread under ashdean on grief & loss .....take care of you and your son best wishes ashdean.

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