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How to go on
Feb 1, 2009
This is my first time here.
Just over a year ago I lost my mother. Just over 3 week ago I lost my wife. We were together over 50 years, married over 46 years. I'm lost without her. I have a son lives in Florida. I have 2 daughters they live about 20 minutes away. I have 2 dogs that need me I guess thats a good thing. Her heart gave out. I was thinking of joining her but I'm affraid if I take my own life I wouldnt be able to join her. I have tears most every day. For the first time in my 68 years I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. I was thinking of going to talk with a Priest but Im not catholic, my wife was would they talk to me.

Thank you
Re: How to go on
Feb 1, 2009
I'm so sorry for both of your losses. I can imagine how lost you feel without your wife after so many years together. Please know that you're not the only one missing her, your children and your two dogs are too. Try to spend more time with them, they probably need your comfort as much as you need theirs. It's normal to cry, tears help you deal with the grief and the stress. You need to let it out, it's good that you can. In time you will smile when you think of your loved ones instead of crying. It takes a while to get to that point, but you will. What kind of tattoo are you thinking about? If it's something to memorialize your wife I think that's a nice idea. I'm not catholic either, but I doubt that a priest would turn you away. If you don't want to go the religious route, maybe look into a local hospital. They will probably know of a support group that you could attend. This board is a support group in a way. You will get a lot of help and concern here. I urge you to stick around and post some more. It will help you. I'm sorry again for your losses and I'm pretty sure you will see your wife again, just don't rush it! Your children have lost their grandmother and their mother......they need their dad! You're in my thoughts, and I wish you well.

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