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first off know that everyone grieves the loss of a loved one and you are still grieving -- there's no time table for it. I loss my Dad in '95, my father-in-law in '96, my husband in '05 and my mother this past February. Plus someone who was like a mother to me in 1985

BUT you are going to get through this by getting yourself out and about. Join a club, organization, etc. Go visit the library and look around.

No matter what you do, make eye contact, say hello, etc. Go to fundraisers at places, etc.

I met my best friend at a silent auction and she's 10 years older than me
I volunteer -- so look for volunteer activities or groups!

The best way to feel better about yourself is do something for someone else who has it worse.

Take Care, BUT STOP CLOSING YOURSELF UP IN THE HOUSE. I want to hear from you!

[QUOTE=AnneinPhilly;3935485]I lost my mom 2 weeks ago, and despite so many people showing concern and love, I can't help but feel that the world is a much colder place now. The woman who loved me more than anyone in this world, is gone, and I can't imagine ever being happy again, knowing that we'll never laugh together again, and that I'll never experience her soothing words and calming presence.

People tell me it will get better, and at the same time they'll say that I'll never be ok with my mom being gone. That years from now it will still be painful. That makes it hurt even more.

People also tell me that the grief will get worse in the coming weeks and months. I can't quite fathom that.

How can I help myself heal? It feels tragic, even though she lived a full life. I just feel like I need a mother's love, but my mother is no longer here to help me when I need her most.[/QUOTE]
Our moms tend to be the glue that holds families together and to hold us when we are hurt by someone in our lives,when we are sick,and when we are physically hurting. It's normal to feel the way you do and yes it will take time for you to heal to the point where you can think about your mom and not burst into tears. The grieving process has no time table although our society tends to put one on it. People can be very rude and insensitive by the remarks they make that they think will help you. If you have a best friend,a spouse,a teacher, or a member of the clergy you feel comfortable talking with and confiding in then please seek them out and ask for help. I am sending you a hug so spread your arms out wide so you can receive it ! I will pray you can find someone that will be genuinely loving,caring and supportive to you during this very sad time in your life !

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