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I am sorry for your loss, I too lost my husband this last March. I was not looking forward to Christmas either. I had read of a great thing though, a personal Christmas tree. So, I let all friends and family know I wanted small articles to put on HIS tree. They had to be things that meant something to them when they thought of him. We even got a hot dog ornament. His neice heard that I told him he could not buy any more packages of hot dogs until he ate the 32 packages that we had in the freezer
(He bought some every time he went to the store for me) So she found a hot dog ornament. By the time everyone sent stuff his whole personality was on the tree. We will put it up again next year and can remember memories of him once again and laugh and maybe even cry a little but it sure helped this first Christmas. God bless and keep you
What a wonderful treasure to glad that she did this for you. I lost my wife almost five years ago in a vehicle accident and was able to save some emails she wrote as well as her voice from an answering machine. It is those things that will allow us to remember and love them all over again.

Thank you for sharing..


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