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Dont know if this is the right message board to post this but here goes. Four years ago my wife of 18 years was dianosed with ALS. We watched her progress to the point of requiring full time nursing care. The final two weeks were the worst. My wife was a very strong person, an Registered Nurse, sharp mentally and most importantly spriturly. I have nothing but positive things to say about joing an ALS support group and getting into Hospice as quickly as possiabile. Of course Medicade was not easy, we spent everything we had in savings and then some, but in the end her end of life was comfortable. My message to those of you who are suffering or know of someone who is suffering is this. Go to the Social Security office. ALS is a fast track for disability. Second stop is Human Services to apply for long term care. We had to spend down everything in savings before they would pay for her care but in the end putting her in a nursing home as painful as it was was without a doubt the best thing for her. she made friends and enjoyed the daily activity. I wish I had done more as a husband and friend and cant every begin to say how much I miss her. ALS is a horriable disease that requires a lot of additional reseach. Please consider donating the Brain and Spinal cord for ALS research. That was my wifes last request and proudly they accepted her donation. Morbid - Maybe but if it can lead to breakthroughs that can provide treatment options for future cases please consider it.

My point in writing this is simply to express my love and sorry for losing my best friend. I miss her so very much. :angel:
Thank you so much for sharing, Larry. I am sorry for you loss. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman.
I am sorry for your loss, but it sounds like she was a wonderful woman, and you a loving, devoted and very supportive husband!

I'm sure her final days were filled with love and nurturing, and she will always be in your heart, even if she's not at your side.

May your heartache and pain fade quickly, but your memories of her stay strong and beautiful>
Im so sorry for your loss, Larry. Your story is beautiful and as someone with my own chronic illness and also someone who volunteers with a hospice, I know what you went through watching the disability and last few years.

ALS is a horrible disease. Your wife is now out of pain and watching over you and her loved ones.
Try to find peace in the fact that she is no longer suffering and sending you prayers of strength for facing the future.

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