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... I did not have a good relationship with him so when he died, I was overwhelmed with grief and guilt. It was paralyzing. My two best "friends" of twelve years who I had known since college in NYC and who I now lived in the vicinity of in Los Angeles were suddenly MIA. ... (11 replies)
... ll grieving and struggling with the enormous impact and change his death has left on my life and family, one of the hardest experiences has been dealing with the friends who fell off the face of the earth. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, i can relate to this subject also :confused:. it is so sad n upsetting. all the support was there at first for me then it all started to go n disappear:mad: it was like people around me expected me to just get on with it i didt fell like anyone cared. i have since though found out from a few people that they didt know how to help or be supportive because i seemed to go on... (11 replies)

... I am a bit surprised to read your message, mostly because I thought that I was being silly for wondering why some of my closest friends appear not to want to ask how I am coping. ... (11 replies)
... ago. My so called best friend totally ignored it. We don't live in the same town ,but we would write a lot and kept up with each others lives. We have been best friends from the 5th grade. So we have been friends for over 40 years. Evey day I was waiting for a phone call ,or at least a card. Nothing... ... (11 replies)
... the way I do. SO many people have just gone away since my Mom died. It has been 3 months since she passed, and I have yet to hear from some people. Even close friends just ignored her passing. ... (11 replies)
... t appear to have gone into hiding are those that given the choice, I would chose to be by my side. I also think maybe I have done this in the past and some of my friends have really needed me and I have not been there for them. ... (11 replies)
... mily's plans because she too lost her mom and knows what it is like. NO ONE ELSE checked on me. NO ONE called. NO ONE else asked if we had plans. Even my Dad who lives all alone out of town heard from NO ONE. One friend IM'd me "don't be sad." HOW can I NOT be SAD? ... (11 replies)
... become a reality which is that she would die and I would end up with no assistance from them. My mom was a very unique person in that she forgave all the people who treated her badly even my siblings. She always wanted to believe the best in people. She was naive in that sense but such a kind soul. I miss her so much. ... (11 replies)
... I wanted to say a thank you to everyone here who took the time to respond. I truly appreciate hearing about other people's experiences and am sorry for all of your losses. ... (11 replies)
... There is a tiny amount of relief but a whole lot of sadness in reading all your posts. Relief that this didn't just happen with me and my so called friends but the sadness that so many of us thought that people that would be there for us and it turned out not to be true. ... (11 replies)
... I am fortunate to still have my mother. I lost my father to cancer 12 yrs ago. I consider my Mom quite a wise woman. I remember when I was a lot younger, a coworker lost a parent. I told my mother that I was not sure if I should bring up her loss when I saw her next because I was afraid I would stir up emotions if I did. Mom said "trust me, when somebody looses a loved one,... (11 replies)
... My prayers are with you. It is amazing how friends and good friends just disappear when the going gets rough. I can definately feel for you. ... (15 replies)
... Welcome, and please accept my deepest sympathies. I understand why you are not yet ready to talk about this with anyone, but there are people here who are happy to offer you the support and understanding you need most. ... (15 replies)
The one I need
Oct 29, 2006
... ing thats most girls around 11 don't really get that close to their fathers. But it was different. He was just my best friend, hands down, no questions asked. My friends were my friends, but I knew one day I'd have to say goodbye to them. But I always saw my father as the one friend I'd never loose no matter what happened. ... (1 replies)
... you in their hearts. And to say a little prayer for you. Because that's all there was. For if you were looking down you would have seen what had transpired. And who and whom had took custody of your last wishes. For this I'll have so much disenfranchisement towards them. ... (10 replies)
... re of him while he was dying. He was 33. I have tried every med, counseling. Nothing works. The only thing that came out of this whole thing is I talk to people, friends and try to make them see you can't sweat over the little things. They will take care of themselves. ... (7 replies)

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