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... Hello everyone, this is my first post. ... (2 replies)
... I have the same problem and found this thread while trying to see if someone else had similar issues. I know exactly what you are talking about. My mother died suddenly just before I reached my fifth birthday. I remember my father coming home to tell us she was dead, but have no real photographic memories of her. ... (2 replies)
Loss of my mother
Sep 15, 2005
... I can emphasize with your plight... My mother died of bowel cancer and she was only 54. In the last year and a half I have had to deal with her loss and the massive hole it has left in our family. ... (88 replies)

... Your grieving is an internal thing. ... (2 replies)
... I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother, too, 9 years ago to cancer. What you are going through is very normal. ... (88 replies)
... I have so been in your shoes with my fathers sudden death 15 years ago, I still have the biggest void in my heart for him, he was my best friend besides my hubby. ... (8 replies)
Loss of my mother
Sep 20, 2004
... lung cancer on April 22, 2004. It has been almost 5 months and I still cannot bring my self to think about her and not cry. She was the strongest and must faithful person to everyone and everything. ... (88 replies)
Loss of my mother
Sep 20, 2004
... Look in your local book store on books about grieving. I know this helped my neighbor with the loss of her husband. I don't think there is a "way" to grieve. You pretty much do what you feel. ... (88 replies)
Loss of my mother
Dec 28, 2004
... I lost my mother in July 2001. She waited too long for medical intervention and when she finally relented, there was nothing the medical field could do for her. ... (88 replies)
... just before Christmas, my mother and I had a huge fight over a very trivial thing. ... (32 replies)
Loss of my mother
Sep 21, 2004
... do what is right for you. If you ahv eonly just lost someone, don't be afraid to take the time t feel your grief. your mother was your mother for all of your life, you can't be "over" her loss in a couple of months. Don't expect to be. ... (88 replies)
... I lost my mother too just 9 months after losing my little brother. ... (1 replies)
... the loss of your mother. His still being sad, angry, not being able to sleep, needing to keep busy, spending so much time with his Dad...all that is part of the grieving process. I lost my mom on May 31st. I still need to keep very busy in the evenings after I'm home from work. ... (19 replies)
... I neglected to tell you that I am sorry about the death of your father..5 years is not very long and know that you must still be grieving for him. I lost my own Dad in 1997. In 1999, I lost one of my brothers to cancer at age 46. In 2001 I lost a sister due to a heart attack at age 62. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks, gardensparrow. The grieving process has been difficult so far as we've had family from out of the country staying with us for weeks. ... (9 replies)
... my dad died of stage iv cancer in august. since then, i've been trying to help my mom cope, but it is so hard! my parents are young! she's 55 and he was turning 60 this year. people keep telling her that she should find comfort in that she'll see him again in heaven. ... (12 replies)
Grieving for Mom
Aug 4, 2011
... When I moved away and went to college when I was 20, she and I started to fix all of the problems that we had went through and she became my closest friend, even if we still argued a lot. I had just went home and spent a week with my parents and left to go home hours before she went into distress. ... (6 replies)
... ined me as a young teen and adult was knowing that in between all the hitting and yelling was someone who did love me in her own way. I did have good times with my mother. She knew I loved Nancy Drews and purchased them as part of my Christmas gifts for many years. ... (32 replies)
Still Grieving
Apr 20, 2016
... I lost my mother almost 5 years ago to COPD and my father last august due to kidney disease and I am still grieving after all this time. I can't seem to pull myself out of it. I know they're in a better place but I am incredibly sad and I just can't get past it. ... (1 replies)
... Your mother did love you. You have to know that. You need to love someone to let them hurt you even when that hurt is all in one's mind. My mother love me, yet she beat me with wooden sticks, belts, paddles, and her hands and later her fists. She'd pull my hair, slap my face, etc. ... (32 replies)

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