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... Today my Mom would have been 67. She died in june 2003 of cancer and blood clots on the lungs. I miss my Mom too, but I can assure you that it DOES get better with time. A customer of mine told me that about a week after Mom had passed, and it was hard to believe back then. ... (44 replies)
... heather and me my brother and sister in law will be in san antonio with her daughter and christmas will be that much more sad around here. man i hate this mom held everything thing together nohing is ever going to be the same. it is so depressing around here. i will be working till 6'00p.m. ... (44 replies)
I miss my mom
Jul 10, 2007
... Well another month has passed, and it is harder than when it first happened. I cant grocery shop, I cant even go to work. When will i ever feel somewhat normal. God I miss my mom sooo Bad! I feel like im on another planet! ... (15 replies)

I miss my mom
Jun 18, 2007
... Hello, my sister Beausiful sent me a link to this board... we actually lost our mom on April 7, 2007, it just was the 2 month anniversary that is why I think she said June 7th. ... (15 replies)
... I lost my mom Sept. 2005. I for a long time also vividly saw in my mind the last time Mom was living. I was so blessed that my dad called me early a.m. and told me the Dr. had stopped dialysis. I had 7 hours to drive. ... (44 replies)
Miss my Mom so bad
Jul 30, 2008
... Amanda I can fully relate... My mom passed away 2 months ago today. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer only 10 weeks before she passed. I almost feel like if we didn't make her go and get her lump checked and have the surgery she would still be here. ... (46 replies)
Miss my Mom so bad
Jun 29, 2008
... I can relate to you you ILOVEDMOSOMUCH. On May 5th 2008 I lost my mom to Brain Cancer. I was with her every step of the way from when she first was diagnosed with her disease. In October of 2007 I moved back home to help her and to be with her. ... (46 replies)
Miss my Mom so bad
Mar 19, 2008
... I miss my mom, too. I have chronic pain and she was the BEST listener, an amazing woman, and loved me unconditionally. She died on December 21, 2007. I miss her a lot tonight. ... (46 replies)
... I know. Im Jenn and im 15 years old. my mom died when i was 12 from lung cancer. my mom and dad were divorced, actually i didnt even know i had one till i was 6 and asked that question all parents hate to hear. "where dad? ... (46 replies)
... hello i don't know if this is the right category or if i should even be saying this but i really need to vent some of this out and i guess this is the best place i can think of. anyways long story short, i'm 19 and i lost my mama to a NSCLC with a brain tumor after all the many, many lies i lost her on the 1st of September. ... (4 replies)
Miss my Mom so bad
Aug 17, 2008
... cancer on August 5th, 2008. Since it happened two weeks ago the pain is still fresh. I have to say, life has been so strange lately. My two brothers, dad and I are just devastated by my mom's passing. It's always been the one death I feared my entire life... even more so than my own. ... (46 replies)
... I miss my mom so much too. It will be a year on May 6th and I am dreading that day. She had a heart attack at home and died. I had just talked to her the day before and I still can't believe she is not here with me. ... (10 replies)
Miss my Mom so bad
Dec 11, 2006
... hi this is susan yall all know my story we were both in the hospital 2 floors apat i was in 2110 and she was in4001 i was in for broncitus from a camping trip and she was to have a blood trans. her hemo was low have it and go home. ... (46 replies)
... I lost my mom on Jan 10, 2006 to cancer. ... (44 replies)
Miss My Mom
Dec 4, 2007
... Sorry to hear about your mom. I know what you are going through. I speak from experiance with the same feelings to. I lost my mom to C.H.F 2 yrs ago on Dec 7. This week will be horrible. I try and do something on that very same day so I don't have to think. ... (27 replies)
... I was 53 years old. It feels as though she just left me. The hurt inside continues to burn like fire. I want to talk to her see her, laugh with her , share my day with her. I want to hug her. I miss my mom so bad it hurts. ... (46 replies)
... I lost my mom in May of this year, and will be 30 in January. I do not think your age should lessen your grief for your mom, best friend. She was the person who knew you inside and out, every cut, bruise and broken heart. ... (7 replies)
... law who was my sisters husband that passed away in November, he died 75 days after my sister died and then I just lost my Mom on March 28, 2006. I miss my Mama more than anything. She was my nest friend. I could talk to her about anyhting and she was always there. ... (44 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel right now. I lost my mom to cancer in August 1996. ... (44 replies)
I miss my mom
Jun 20, 2007
... I lost my Mom in 1997, my Dad in 2001, and my husband in Nov. 2006. I know what all of you are going through. I still cry for my Mom and Dad and the grief for my husband is still very fresh. ... (15 replies)

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