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pain away messages (310)
panic attack, lost father (76)
panic attacks after losing mom (48)
parents died days apart (43)
parents passed away (1093)
partner is so sad all the time (326)
passed away we need your (1131)
people abandon you (273)
people coming through for you in times of need (1036)
people died of heart attack and live again after month (13)
people losing home (1387)
people only need u in times of need (10443)
people u thought was friends (7605)
people who abandon you (190)
people who have lost a son in a car accident (36)
people who i thought were my friends (2830)
people who lost there mother at a young age (80)
people who thought were my friends (3319)
people who want to be alone (5961)
people who you thought were friends (3155)
people you thought were friends (4007)
people you thought were friends with (4464)
people you thought were good friends (3097)
people you thought were real (3184)
person who is cold no feelings (223)
please dont say if theres anything that i can do just call me (105)
please help me get my husband back (3611)
please help want husband back (2737)
poem about the loss of a friend (13)
poem for a dear friend (22)
poem for a friend i lost (41)
poem lost friends (37)
poem, friend, lost (37)
prayer for a grieving mother (13)
prayer for grieving mother (10)
prayer for the loss of a husband (49)
prayer grieving mother (13)
prayer of a mother grief (24)
prayer to say the right thing (449)
prayers for a grieving mother (42)
prayers for grieving mother (42)
prayers to help grieving mom (34)
praying while grieving (14)
pregnant, lost baby at 23 weeks and have not been able to get pregnant since at the age of 43 (24)
professional help with grieving (23)
protecting my little brother (22)

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