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Hair odor
Jan 20, 2001
... cider vinegar and 3 parts water. Do not rinse the mixture from your hair. When the hair is dry, there will be no vinegar smell, and leaving the mixture on your scalp will help to balance the pH level. You may need more than one treatment, applying every 3 days. ... (1 replies)
... now. I used to use medicated shampoo like Selsun over the years. However for 3 months now, dandruff has reduced a bit, but in its place I have this strange foul odor from my hair. The scalp is kind of oily and smells real bad. I am forced to shampoo my hair everyday due to this. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, my hubby, 58 yo, has been having this odor coming from his hair/scalp for a while now. He does wear caps/hats most of the time. We've tried selsun blue, and other medicated shampoos (there's one with zinc I think?) and it will get better for a couple of days and then it comes back. I've tried to get him to throw away all the hats (he has so many, he's a race fan) and... (6 replies)

Hair Smells....
Nov 15, 2006
... I've actually heard a few complain of scalp odor. Even when washing hair. Sometimes scalps just give off odor perhaps your producing much sebum that oily stuff? ... (6 replies)
... I found that a shampoo with lots of sulfur is the best way to get rid of hair odor and smelly scalp. ... (0 replies)
Hair Odor
May 28, 2007
... been looking at past threads on hair odors, but didn't really find information that could help. I never blow dry my hair, I usually put it up and let it dry. My scalp doesn't have an odor, it's the hair that hangs really from my ears down that does. ... (2 replies)
... I'd grab the hats and wash them myself (If the get wrecked..oops wink wink) The head/scalp sweats as much as underarms and has extra oils. We wash our clothes frequently, think of the stuff on his hats..yuck. I've heard those hat things work, but I thought they went in the washing machine not dishwasher. Pup (6 replies)
Bad odor on scalp
Dec 19, 2007
... For the last two weeks ive had a really bad smell on my scalp and hair. Everone can smell it when very close.I went to the Dr. with no results.Please help what can this be. ... (0 replies)
Hair Odor
May 28, 2007
... Hi an ex of mine used to smoke, and after a couple of days his hair smelt of what I would assume to be stale cigarette smoke. Also, do you have a greasey scalp, or dandruff as that also can make your hair smell. (2 replies)
Hair smells
Sep 30, 2001
... do not rinse it out. After your hair is dry, the odor from the vinegar will go away. ... (3 replies)
Hair problem
Oct 1, 2002
... It isn't just the scalp that smells, it is the hair as well. ... (14 replies)
... Oiling your scalp is important too for increasing circulation and nourishing the scalp. ... (4 replies)
Hair smells
Sep 3, 2001
... hair always smells.I wash every other day and I get this very bad odor.I don't put anything on my hair because it gets worst.I've tried every shampoo to kill the odor and nothing works.Can this be fungus or some sort of bacteria on the scalp.Please help me. ... (3 replies)
... I hadn't thought of vinegar...hmm...good idea! We've gone thru tons of pillows too and a few decorative ones for the sofa that he loves (his favorote spot on the sofa LOL!) and its hard to match those up. I've gotten when I find ones that match I'll purchases severalbut now we're out so now he's so a bright white one on my purple and sage sofa in the living room. He can... (6 replies)
... I have to comment on the possibility of the medications and even the beer to be a possibility. I imagine he is on a major medication regime, as I am, and my hubby says my hat smells funny too. His nose is right over my head when we stand up. Now I hand wash the little band inside. I know my scent is different with all the medications being excreted. I have to wear a... (6 replies)
... I just throw the hats in the washer on gentle, cold water and then hang them on the clothesline to dry. They've always come out really nice :) (6 replies)
... Hey Pup, well ya know, I have one of those things you put the cap in to wash them in the dishwasher and I keep telling him to use that or throw them out but he won't do it. THat's why I bought some new ones and told him just toss the old ones because he's never gonna get rid of whatever it is,ya know? Its not a stupid question, I totally get it. He's a Dale Sr/JR fan and... (6 replies)
... Silly question but do you wassh the hats? Pup (6 replies)
... I Already Tried Sal 3 And Didn't Work For Me At All, But You Can Try And See. (0 replies)
... I Understand What You're Going Throu Because I Have The Same Problem, Been To Different Dermatologists, After A Treament Four Months Later It Came Back And It's Horrible Because You Don't Want Nobody To Be Near You, I've Been Searching The Website Since The Last Treatment Because The Doctors Says I Have Nothing. (1 replies)

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