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I am a x-ray/CAT Scan tech. I love, LOVE, **LOVE** the field of radiology but HATE!!! where I work.
There are good points and bad points to x-ray, just like anything else. As far as career choice wise,'s a wonderful choice. There are so many things you could do, you're not just "locked into" x-ray. CT, MRI, Pet Scan, Radiation therapy, mammo, ultrasound, cardiac cath, angio, equipment Apps person *the guy/gal that teaches techs how to use new equipment after it's installed*, etc.... You could work in clinics, private doctor's office, hospitals, prisons, and even larger factories have their own x-ray techs for their workers if they get hurt on the job.
Another thing.......if you're single and/or willing to travel there are so many traveling job placement agencies. The money is GREAT, you pretty much decide what region you're willing to travel to, all expenses are food allowances per day, rental car *or your car payment paid for each month if you drive your own....I think some places allow up to $450 per month*, hotel/apartment paid for, paid health insurance, if you have to fly you're airfare is paid and they'll even do the flight booking for you. My friend Brent was in Hawaii for 6months and had a gorgeous condo ON THE BEACH! paid for along with a new Monte Carlo to drive while there.
UGH, I'm about ready to talk myself into traveling! My son is 9, when he gets older I'm going to go for it.

The bad're exposed to radiation, diseases, have to put up with BS from doctors/nurses/pateints/etc...., you're constantly pulling/tugging/lifting, you sometimes work long hours/long stretches of days before getting one off, you see ppl get sick, sicker, then sometimes die, you see horrible accidents and it does get to you at times, etc... But if you're looking for something exciting, rewarding, and not just your run of the mill career then x-ray would be it. If I had to do the same thing all day, every day I would go nuts. You never know what will walk thru the door next and even tho you may do 30 chest x-rays a day no 2 patients are the same. There's always a new challange and some new faces to talk to :) Good luck.
[QUOTE=1965_Bruce]What is a medical technologist? Is an XRay Technician a good career choice?
what else can be a good career in the medical field? Other than nursing.... or a medical doctor[/QUOTE]

Occupational, Recreational Therapy, Physical Therapy; PT, PTA
Physicians Assistant, Nurses Assistant, Pharmacy, Ultrasound, Lab tech...
I work as a Radiographer in England. It's a really rewarding career, and is what you make of it. If you want the excitement of trauma situation you work as part of the trauma team, taking initial films on portable x-ray equipment, and trying to acheive the nearly impossible of getting good images of badly deformed, limbs all the while remembering that the broken bit is attached to a frightend patient.
If you want something more sedate there are GP clinics and ward patients.
You get to go round the hospital, taking x-rays on some fo the wards, especially ITU and neonatal intensive care.
I don't know for definate how it works over in the states, but over here, you train first to do general radiography and then you can specialise in CT scans. MRI imaging, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, trauma or peadiatric Radiography.
You can also go into hospital management, or a more office based role.
However it is very stressful and hard work.
Take care and I hope you make the right decision.
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