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What is a medical technologist? Is an XRay Technician a good career choice?

what else can be a good career in the medical field? Other than nursing.... or a medical doctor
[QUOTE=1965_Bruce]What is a medical technologist? Is an XRay Technician a good career choice?

what else can be a good career in the medical field? Other than nursing.... or a medical doctor[/QUOTE]

The course for X-Ray tech can be hard.
I touched on it in my medical Assisting class. and it was hard
I'm sure if you were in it it would get easier as you went along, But its tough.
I suggest on checking out you local community college and look in to there medical program and see if the have a x-tech class. when I took mine it was a combined class of half x-ray lecture and half spirometry.
I had fun. Got an A- in the class. :)
Write back :) good luck
what is spirometry? :confused:
Spirometry is a series of lung test a medical assistant or someone else who is trained to test the lungs for people who have breathing problems such as asthma. The machines test your peak flow and see what your brathing level is at. Look up spirometry on the web and you'll get a better understanding.
Have fun
I am a Medical Technologist and a X-Ray Tech. Well how I did it was a got my degree in Biology, then did inturns and challenged for my Med Tech permit(or liceanse if you prefer) I passed that and the true "Professional" name for a Med Tech is "Clinical Laboratory Scientist". I love biology and am amazed at the way the body functions so I went into biology even though I went through much more than just human biology. So now I am running a Laboratory for a multiple Dr. group. I have 2 lab assistants that draws the blood(even though if I need to I can) and labels it. I take it from there I am responsible for the analyzers I run, the paperwork(lots of paperwork involved in a laboratory) and the function of the lab. I work in office setting even though I can go to the hospitals and be part of the herd. When I took this job I am at the director of the lab(also the main man for the group)asked since I had my four year degree in Biology, if they paid for it would I be interested in taking the x-ray program. I said sure. It was tough to get through for a couple of years, but now It is great(even though I am not the biggest fan of taking x-rays since I started out in biology) I live in California in a city of about 500,000 people so not huge but not small, I am the only one that I know of in the medical field in our area that has both x-ray and med tech permits. The pay rate for a Med Tech varies place to place I would thing the average starting out would be about 40,000 dollars a year, maybe. But as you get higher up on the experience list, so does your pay. You have to like biology and the wonders of the human body to really like your job as a med tech. I love being in a Dr. office setting, it is better with hours, stress, and since I have both permits my pay is way more than the hospital. A med tech can be the consultant as well as the supervisor of a POL(physicians office laboratory) and that is what I do. I love that part of it. And it pays alright to start. With both permits a bring home over 60,000 a year, but money means nothing it you hate your job. Look into to it, you might love it. You have to be careful in a Dr. setting though. I got myself into trouble once and got an addiction problem. Thankfully my insurance paid for detox and support groups. I live life day to day and love it now.
Hey, Have you checked into your local community college and see if they offer a course for Phlebotomy Technician. Phlebotomist are part of the Labortory Technician group. I'm going to school right now for it.. And enjoy it....
I was afford a job at william beaumont hospital here in Michigan starting at
$30,000 a year. But, desided to go back to school full time.
You can usually finish the phlebotomy course in like 5 months give or take.
This would get your feet wet to see how you like working in the back labs.
Good luck
There are many different support positions in medicine. Even in nursing there are different levels. What are you interested in knowing? Help us out by giving us guidelines as to your interests, e.g. hours, education requirements, salary, hospital vs private setting, working with people or not, adrenalin-junkie or laid-back, whatever seems important.
I am a x-ray/CAT Scan tech. I love, LOVE, **LOVE** the field of radiology but HATE!!! where I work.
There are good points and bad points to x-ray, just like anything else. As far as career choice wise,'s a wonderful choice. There are so many things you could do, you're not just "locked into" x-ray. CT, MRI, Pet Scan, Radiation therapy, mammo, ultrasound, cardiac cath, angio, equipment Apps person *the guy/gal that teaches techs how to use new equipment after it's installed*, etc.... You could work in clinics, private doctor's office, hospitals, prisons, and even larger factories have their own x-ray techs for their workers if they get hurt on the job.
Another thing.......if you're single and/or willing to travel there are so many traveling job placement agencies. The money is GREAT, you pretty much decide what region you're willing to travel to, all expenses are food allowances per day, rental car *or your car payment paid for each month if you drive your own....I think some places allow up to $450 per month*, hotel/apartment paid for, paid health insurance, if you have to fly you're airfare is paid and they'll even do the flight booking for you. My friend Brent was in Hawaii for 6months and had a gorgeous condo ON THE BEACH! paid for along with a new Monte Carlo to drive while there.
UGH, I'm about ready to talk myself into traveling! My son is 9, when he gets older I'm going to go for it.

The bad're exposed to radiation, diseases, have to put up with BS from doctors/nurses/pateints/etc...., you're constantly pulling/tugging/lifting, you sometimes work long hours/long stretches of days before getting one off, you see ppl get sick, sicker, then sometimes die, you see horrible accidents and it does get to you at times, etc... But if you're looking for something exciting, rewarding, and not just your run of the mill career then x-ray would be it. If I had to do the same thing all day, every day I would go nuts. You never know what will walk thru the door next and even tho you may do 30 chest x-rays a day no 2 patients are the same. There's always a new challange and some new faces to talk to :) Good luck.
[QUOTE=1965_Bruce]What is a medical technologist? Is an XRay Technician a good career choice?
what else can be a good career in the medical field? Other than nursing.... or a medical doctor[/QUOTE]

Occupational, Recreational Therapy, Physical Therapy; PT, PTA
Physicians Assistant, Nurses Assistant, Pharmacy, Ultrasound, Lab tech...
I looked up a reputable school's Pharmacy program and wow, it's almost like Brain Surgeon! Ugh, I don't want to go to school for 6 years at my age! I dunno, right now I am just so confused about where to go career-wise. I'm out of work......
Go for something that will make you happy and something you enjoy. As much as I love the field I am so unhappy where I work. It affects every aspect of my life. I recently took a real estate course and passed my exam today. I'm thinking about throwing in the towel on x-ray for the time being to take a mental break. Healthcare is a very stressful field to be in. Think about the long term also. 6years from now you're going to be 6years older no matter what you do. If you think working in a pharmacy will make you happy and you can see yourself doing that until you retire, then go for it. Good luck.
I hear a lot of people even from other fields say they want to go into real estate...too bad this is not the forum to discuss that option. i wish i could learn more.
I'm not sure what area you're in but in my area if you talk to the hospital admin. or a department boss *lab, x-ray, etc....* they may let you come in once or twice to see what goes on in the department. Since HIPPA is such a big thing I don't know if that still goes on much or not. You could try. At least ask for a walk through and look at the department, talk to the workers, etc....
That would be a great idea for you to do on any type of profession you're considering. Of course, all careers/jobs have good things and bad things that can be said about them. Keep that in mind, some ppl will try to candycoat their profession even if they hate it. Some will try to make it sound negative, even if they like it. Talk to lots of different ppl in one certain profession before making your decision.
Another thing you could do......if you have a college/vocational school close to the professors/teachers/students.
I have no idea what it's called but there's a test online that you take, the test will analyze your answers and give you a list of careers that best fit your needs in accordance to how you answered.
I work as a Radiographer in England. It's a really rewarding career, and is what you make of it. If you want the excitement of trauma situation you work as part of the trauma team, taking initial films on portable x-ray equipment, and trying to acheive the nearly impossible of getting good images of badly deformed, limbs all the while remembering that the broken bit is attached to a frightend patient.
If you want something more sedate there are GP clinics and ward patients.
You get to go round the hospital, taking x-rays on some fo the wards, especially ITU and neonatal intensive care.
I don't know for definate how it works over in the states, but over here, you train first to do general radiography and then you can specialise in CT scans. MRI imaging, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, trauma or peadiatric Radiography.
You can also go into hospital management, or a more office based role.
However it is very stressful and hard work.
Take care and I hope you make the right decision.
x x x

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