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Thank you for your response. I hope that your fiance finds another line of work for herself if she hates nursing as well.

While I was in Nursing school, I thought that the nurses, fellow students, clinical instructors were awful - but from a students' perspective, I thought that "Oh I AM lowman on the totem pole because I am a student". I worry more about the "dirty tricks squad" meaning my fellow nurses than I do pts. I do not like my pts' families either - they are either in healthcare in some form or another ready to pounce on you; or they like to go into hysterics about things that they do not understand. I feel like I worry all the time. Worry enough to make myself go crazy and my family crazy. I hate being a Nurse and I've tried 2 kinds of Nursing jobs in 2 years! I hate feeling like this it's awful. And people say, "Oh that's such a rewarding profession!" (Not sure what in the heck that is all about No one really appreciates you anyway).

I just don't know what to do for a living otherwise. Sales - I'm not a talker but that seems to be what the head hunters look for if you're a nurse putting your resume out there looking for non-Nurse kinds of work. It's just not for me.

Anyway, thank you again for your thoughts.


I Hate nursing . com :)

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