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Hi my name is Melissa and I am 25 years old. I am currently expecting my first baby due in August. My husband is in the military and will be attending cardiovascular tech school in california for a year. I am also very interested in becoming an ultrasound tech...we will have 3 years at ONE duty station once his year of school is up. I have some problems though. I am a certified nutrition counselor but this is a certification, not a degree. I only completed one course of biology in college and thats it. I literelly only have one class of college under my belt. And to top that off, I am horrible at math! I dont even remember taking algebra in highschool. I was great at everything else... had a 3.5 GPA. So I dont know what it takes to go back and if there are diploma schools out there or if you have to have certain college credits etc....can someone clarify for me???? I would greatly appreciate it!
I am not aware that you need any college courses. It depends on where you go to school and what their requirements are. My daugter is a registered sonographer as well as a radiographer. The sonographers I have worked with have all been radiographers first and then went into ultrasound.
I am sure you already know you most certainly do not have to be an RT first but it will be a 2 year course if you are not. If you do not get anyone to answer with more help then I would go down to the nearest hospital and talk to a sonographer. As him or her the questions.
Good luck to you.

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