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December 22 I graduated with a B.S in Business, I think I chose the wrong major however. I am interested in finding out what the most direct route would be to becoming an RN or obtaining a BSN.

Boy if I would have known or paid attention to the fact that there was a shortage of nurses earlier.... Anyway, am a stay at home daughter, I take care of my mom who has MS. My interest in becoming an RN started because of 1. The need for nurses(job security) and 2. My mother recieves the services from home health agencies weekly and the girls that are employed by these agencies are the pits. For my internship I did a project about what it would take to open a home health agency on my own, because I know I could do a better job providing service to my community over the other agencys in my area. I found out that the process to become licened is pretty easy in the state of PA, It's just being able to accept medicare payments(steady source of revenue) requires you to have a doctor or RN on your staff... this is where the RN thing comes in, so I figure if I somehow could obtain mine maybe I can get a little business started.

Maybe the business thing is a little far fetched, but atleast becoming an RN could lead to a stable job and further on to becoming a nurse anesthetist which I think is another cool job in the nursing field.

Any Ideas on how to go from a BS to a BSN? I would be grateful for any feedback.

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