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I have been in community college for two years now. I am one semester away from recieving my associates in business degree. So basically I already have my aa in business. Just recently i've been really interested in becoming a xray tech. what would it take for me to achieve that. do i have to retake my aa all over in RT, or because i already have one i can just take a certificate course. If getting my aa allover again is the case i feel like i have waisted so much time. I have no idea and its hard to find info over the web. Can someone who knows enlighten me. Thanks!
You will need a 4 year college degree to have your application considered. Most programs do not tell you this up front, but applications are scored so that this is the primary qualification, it accounts for something like 90% of the score. Applications people without a 4 year college degree is pretty much tossed. You can have 20 years of job experience in a highly technical field and it counts for nothing.
You do not have to have an AA to be an x-ray tech.

You will have to go to an approved school and there are still some hospitals out there that have their own school. They tend to send students to a CC for classes that are not given at the hospital. All schools are a minimum of 2 years.

I do have an AA degree but in 40 years as a registered radiographer I never saw a difference in hiring. I have worked from coast to coast and border to border of the US. I however never wanted a chief tech or manager job. If you inspire for a management job then higher education is going to be a requirement (MBA).

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