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I am writing on behalf of my dad. He recently moved to the US from Venezuela where he practiced as a Neurosurgeon, because of the political issues in our country he had to make the decision to relocate. He is now here in the US and looking for jobs but he seems to be overqualified for some jobs or not qualified at all for others because he doesn't have a license to practice in the US. He is still not sure about going over the testing to aquire a license since he is 55 and doesn't think he can go through the residency requirements again. He is fluent in English. Do you guys have any ideas as to what kind of jobs he could apply for? thank you!
It is very important to the general public that all the US doctors have guidelines as do all the medical professions(including nurses). You can't just come into this country and practice medicine unless you pass our requirements or the requirements of the states you wish to practice in. Every country has different teaching standards and not all are up to the high standards of the US. Likewise I don't believe a US doctor can practice medicine in other countries just because he is a doctor here. As a potential patient I have a right to know that the doctor that I go to has passed all the requirements and is up to the standards. Your dad is still young at 55 and if he speaks perfect English then he will need to humble himself to find out what he needs to do to become an American doctor. There are many doctors from other countries that are working far beneath their homeland stations because they can't pass our standards and there are many that can. Good luck to your dad. If he just needs a job to get by on then perhaps he shouldn't put down that he is a doctor so he'll at least get a job. There is a doctor from a foreign country that managed to get himself a job at the SPCA ...saving anmials. We all just do whatever we have to to make a living.

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