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I'v seen some good points brought out in the previous post. I will add that one of the MOST stressfull times I spent, was while I was in nursing school! Its hard and takes alot of time and effort. I didn't know what an emema was when I entered nursing school, right out of highschool. I did not have a strong yearning to be a nurse, or even help people in that manner. Something about it was intreging, and I wondered if I could do it. What amazed me was when I got out of nursing school and actually started working, I found that I was pretty good at it! The thought of someones life in my hands?? During my years as a nurse there have been about 3 times when someones life did in fact fall into my hands, and it wasn't in the hospital, it was out there in real life. There has never been anything to compare to the feeling I had when I was instrumental in saving someone's life!! Except maybe giving birth to my twins. I have not met many nursing students who didn't feel a bit depressed at some point during school. Nursing turned out to be a life long job for me. And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. You will likely always have a job. So if you have invested this much time, I suggest you finish up and see if it doesn't turn out to be something very special. It was to me, and that was 36 years ago, and I am still nursing. Good luck with your decision.
I think that most people in any challenging university program leading to a specific career feels like you do. I am currently finishing 2nd year mining engineering, (4 year degree) and I too am scared about having people's lives in my hands. I don't want something to collapse on someone, or I don't want to put posionous gases into the air people breathe, I hate every single one of my classes, I have 33 hours of class a week, I don't really like mining or do I want to be an engineer.

I have thought about switching to nursing actually. My mom is a public health nurse, she deals with sexual health, but she has regular hours, the worst things she has to do with a patient is draw blood and do pap smears. She has regular hours, there are other RN's at her work that work with babies, lactation, dentistry, immunology, and others, they all have regular hours and don't have people's lives really in their hands. I am only halfway through my degree, and I feel like I should finish it just to prove I have committment. I am thinking about taking a dual degree in my actual interests (biology or environmental science) even though it will be one more year of schooling, at least I can say I paid for something that I was interested in, and it might come in handy.

My mom hated nursing school, regretted ever having transferred in from life sciences (she wanted to be a doctor). I think I saw a report that 30% of university students at any time have signs of major depression. Hang in there and take time for yourself, hang out with friends, no one is telling you what you must do with your degree in Nursing, you don't have to be a nurse, I am sure many organizations would like nurses, and it shows them that you can relate to people, you are dependable, you can handle responsibility and other things. Think of the experiences in school as character building, you always have the choice of what you want to do afterwards, and its true, no one is making you stay in your program, you can get a job with almost any degree, at some point you have to do something that is remotely interesting to you. Good luck, especially with finals if you have them!
Please re-think your decision. when I ws in school I wanted to quit going into my second year. It was an intense program and what complicated things was that I just got engaged and wanted to get married rather than go to college. My parents were a driving force in my decision to stay and get my AS in Nursing. And I have to honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. We were married in 1978 and started a family a few years after. Although I had my degree, I didn't work in a hospital for fear of doing something wrong and hurting a patient, or worse, not knowing what to do! As luck would have it My husand was laid off from his job and we had a 6 month old baby. I got a job in maternity unit in a local hospital and found that this is where I was meant to be...I loved it! And I made life-long friends at work. I worked there 20 years and felt lucky to have that job. I worked when my kids were little and the pay was good so I didn't have towork full time. And because I chose 3-11 shift , the grandmoms watched my kids for only about 2 hours 1 day a no daycare! I attended all the school functions that I could and was available for my kids in the day. Long story short, I would have regretted not getting this degree. So please continue, even if you never work in a hospital, there are so many different jobs in this field to choose from. Take Care and Good Luck. TLC
I completely disagree with Terry8726. I know this is an old thread, but for those in the same position, DO NOT RETHINK YOUR DECISION.
If you KNOW you do NOT like nursing and never have, FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Stop listening to the lies: "Nurses make a lot of money." "Nurses ALWAYS have a job." I'm sorry, but that is simply untrue. You must REALLY love this and REALLLLLY want this for it to work. Your instructor was right.

If you do not, it will be very clear early on and you will be mad at yourself for wasting your time. Those who are not truly passionate are cut early on and throughout the program. They either fail or drop out. Nursing school, alone, is EXTREMELY intense. Sorry, there is NO way around it.

We do NOT have a shortage of nurses here in the USA. Foreign nurses have come to fill the positions and citizens are waiting for our rights, conditions, and pay to improve before we settle. People get out of nursing because it is extremely abusive and nothing is being done about it.

I love nursing, itself, but HATE the environment. Terry's story is NOT the norm. But I would like to say congrats to her. Please, though, do not mislead others into thinking Nursing will be like that for them. I have met very few people who share the same story as you. It IS nice though.

There are other majors/professions, out there, that pay well & do not undermine your dignity. Follow your heart early on. That nagging feeling--don't ignore it like some did. They really regret it now.

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