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[QUOTE] I would be in hypothyroid coma or dead, by now, if I were dependent on the Canadian medical system, from what I have read on the Thyroid Board, because my TSH did not show that I was so ill. The American HMO system did not help either.

you most CERTAINLY would not ... last march, the guidelines for TSH were .5 to 5.0, and i was DX'd at 3.9 ... i'm on a regimen of synthroid/cytomel that suits me, and at least one doctor whom i could have seen would prescribe dessicated thyroid if i'd needed it (and i'm not sure i don't ... i have an appt with her in late december should the situation warrant) ... my GP and my endo are great; my last TSH was 1.1, and he bumped me up to 125mcg, plus 10mcg cytomel, when DX'd i was treated IMMEDIATELY -- i had a neuro appt in march, crawled in saying i'd just had a blood test, my TSH was 3.9, and my neuro called an endo and gave me a prescription THERE AND THEN.

also, my neuro says that, because of the pecularities of my "stroke", i'd had a better work-up there than in the US -- i ws tested from one end to the other and back again, even went to the almighty mayo (on ohip's nickle), mayo said "it's just a stroke" -- but we both (my neuro and i know it isn't) and he's still searching ...

don't generalize, tree frog, esp. when you haven't been in canada ...

it's all propaganda, this so-called "socialized medicine" gig, and i've read of far too many american citizens who don't have insurance, or who have insurance [i]at their current job[/i] but can't move without leaving the job-related insurance, or whose insurance has been cut off because guess what? they get sick too often!!

i couldn't disagree with you more; i think access to a good health system is a right, not a privilege.

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