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So, I was covered under my mom's insurance until April because I then hit the maximum age. I had planned on joining my work's insurance program in March right before I lost my mom's. But they laid me off in February. Now I am left with absolutely nothing. I can't even get Cobra coverage that Obama is subsidizing.

I have Grave's Disease that requires regular testing and now I'm having pains in my back and abdomen that are concerning me a lot. I called Quest Diagnostics, the blood work place I went to when I had insurance, and they told me it's at least $100 just to get my TSH checked. This unbelievable. I had to hold myself back from crying when the women on the phone told me this.

What am I supposed to do? Is there anyway I can get my blood work done? I've looked into Healthy NY -- it will still cost me $300 a month I don't have -- but it won't even start coverage until sometime in July. I feel so helpless and worried.
I just wanted to say I'm so sorry your going through this. I hope somebody has some advice for you, my husband and I are on COBRA right now and even with the stimulus subsidy its really hard- $400 a month. Thank goodness our children are grown. Good luck!:angel:

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