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I had such high hopes for health care reform, but find that I am in the group who has fallen through the cracks. After being denied an affordable insurance plan three times, I held my hopes high that pre-existing conditions would be a thing of the past and that relief would be now. Only to find that it wonít be a reality for 4 more years. My dilemma is first that I am out of work. Here in central Florida the most I could hope for on a job would be to make $15 an hour with no benefits. Jobs just donít pay well here and at that rate I would be spending it all in just getting to and from that job.

I am 60 years old the pre-existing conditions that caused my denial are high blood pressure and a thyroid problem that I didnít even know about. I had to have thyroid surgery last December to remove half of it and now I am struggling to pay the $5,000 deductible plus the anesthesiologist expenses. My monthly premiums are $680 per month and I am not going to be able to continue paying that will all my other expenses for much longer. This insurance only pays for 6 visits a year, so with my ongoing appointments to get the right dosage for the thyroid medications, I can forget about a mammogram or thing else. I have 3 visits left and at $50 a visit, this is about killing me, never mind the cost of the medications. I know for a fact that the premiums for this pathetic insurance will go up another $100 a month when it renews in December. And that I will not be able to do if I want to eat and keep a roof over my head.

Under the new health care reform laws, of course I donít qualify for a lower cost insurance because I have insurance now that is eating me alive. I would have to be uninsured for 6 months to even hope to qualify, and thatís even if my state has a high risk pool of some kind. I think they are doing everything they can to opt out, so thereís another crack to fall through. How does this help anyone?

I need to keep this awful insurance as long as I can, which will only be until it expires in December. I simply canít afford it, but right now I also canít afford to be without some kind of coverage no matter how bad. I sure could not have paid for the $27,000 thyroid surgery and hospital stay.

So what can I do? What do people do who arenít impoverished yet but soon will be? Wait until things become hopeless? You canít even see a doctor here without whipping out an insurance card. And you canít qualify for any kind of assistance unless you live under a bridge. These new laws havenít helped me or lots of others like me one iota. I am afraid to drop my insurance today and risk being uninsured for 6 months. Hopefully Iím good until December. This is cutting through my savings in a very bad way since I canít find reasonable employment. I donít know that I can wait for 4 more years for something to happen, that needs to happen now. Why is it always years and years away? Iím happy that pre-existing conditions are a thing of the past for children, but what about for the adults who take care of them? I need the help today to be able to afford a decent comprehensive insurance plan. I canít make someone hire me at a livable wage. I never thought after working for the past 30 years that Iíd ever be in this situation. It doesnít do much for depression either. My husband finally made it to age 65 and Medicare, thank goodness. He has a construction job and no benefits. I am praying that I donít get seriously sick, because if I do I might as well just die.

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