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I am a 45 yo female with juvenile onset diabetes ( i no longer get symptoms when my blood sugar drops)- i carry candy with me, check sugar often and eat every 3-4 hours and still have episodes of hypoglycemia without any warning signs. I have COPD and get extreme short of breathe just walking 40-50- feet- i use a inhaler twice a day and have not smoked since i have been diagnosed- i have chronic back pain- have seen a chiropractor and was told i have a torn rotator cup but due to no insurance i live with thre constant pain- and also have extreme depression- My husband lost his job back in October of 2011 and was not working again until last month so those months i was not able to go to dr appointments due to finances- so; i filed for ssdi and ssi in january 2012 and had my phone interview the first week of february- this week; i have 2 appointments they made me- one for a psychyatrist (because of depression diagnosis??) and 2 - with a medical doctor ( because of no recent visits to my dr??)- I have seen sooooo much on this internet and want to know if this is true; a few web sites i have gone to have said that the only reason they send you to these appointments is so they have recent visits documented and they can deny you and close your case??????? How true is this?? Today i have the psychiatrist appointment and friday the medical appointment- my nerves are fried- i need accurate and hopefully uplifting advice from you out there who have been where iam? I am sooo tired of stress and being stuck in this body i am in- NOT meant in a suicidal way at all- i just KNOW there is NO way i could work with all this going on- please- any advice or suggestions are appreciated- and if any of you pray -please pray these appointments will show in my favor!- P.S- This is my second time applying for ssdi- i applied back in 2004- but my only diagnosis then was juvenile diabetes and got denied.

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