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[QUOTE=9 lv spinal fus;5048145]You have to have Doctors support!!! That is a must. Try to get some help from yr state for health insurance. I went to my local aid office and they gave me food stamps and health coverage. I just got a call today from SSA saying I was approved. Out of all this I found that going to the doctor very frequently and getting treatment is a must because it has to be documented by yr doctors that you suffer from these illnesses. And just because you have these illnesses doesnt automaticly make you disabled. You have to prove "how" these illnesses prevent you from working. I went thru the whole process all the way to the hearing just like you before I figured all this out. Then I reapplied got a whole new set of doctors and went to them every chance i got to tell them how i was suffering. Then I was approved at reconsideration level the second time around...good luck to you!![/QUOTE]

Thanks for responding. I'm pretty sure Alabama doesn't have an option for free or even reduced health insurance. My mother just retired a year ago from working as a registered nurse for 25 years. If there's something you can get for financial help, she would have found out about it. Thrifty is the nice way of referring to my Mother. I did manage to get food stamps. My doctor charges me the lowest amount for all of his patients but that's still $50 each visit. I applied for disability and got denied, them got a lawyer. It took me 18 months from when I first applied until I got a hearing. That adds up to $900 in doctor visits if I go to see him once a month and that's not including medication, blood work, any kind of scans or MRI's I need, specialists and visits to pain clinics which they mentioned in my rejection letter. One of the problems I had was abusing my pain meds taking up to 8 Lortabs a day instead of the 2 a day that my doctor prescribed. I went to a rehab facility to look into getting treatment since I listed that as one of my disabilities. They wanted $51 up front for what they said was a mandatory fee the first time to determine if I was eligible. Once they got that and read over my paperwork, they said I could be an outpatient and attend meetings twice a week. Then they told me I would need to pay them $25 a week for 20 weeks for a total of $500. I didn't go back because I couldn't afford it not working. That was also mentioned in my rejection letter. I do live alone, which they seemed to think that makes me not disabled because I can wash clothes and fix my meals. Washing clothes is an all day task since I can't do much without stopping to rest after 10 minutes on my feet and the meals I fix are always something microwaved. Taking a shower, shaving and brushing my teeth so I can go somewhere is a 3 hour ordeal at the least having to sit and rest so much. Anyway, thanks again for responding. I'm going to start Monday calling around to see what I can get done.

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